Thursday, September 17, 2009

There's A Cougar On The Loose!

Yeap, you read right, we have a cougar on the loose.
A big, hungry cat looking for young blood.
Unfortunately it's not Courtney Cox on set.
It's an actual cougar.
Interestingly enough, nothing ever happens, in my town.
That is the general notion. It's just a town dubbed the place where "Jesus left behind his sandals." So, imagine how long ago, that action was!

Nope nothing ever happens.

Only last week a 10 year old (possibly autistic) boy went missing on the north side of our town around 9:30am. Thankfully he was found unharmed around 2:30 in the afternoon.

Only yesterday two ladies walked into the Police Department and told the station that they had in their car, two grenades that they discovered in a deceased relatives home. So they thought the best idea was to handle them, (the pins were still attached, and no, they did not pull them out) and drive them them over to the police department to donate the grenades.

Uh, Darwin award anyone? Or maybe a honorable mention, at least runner up? The police department and neighboring buildings, as well as an entire block or two, were evacuated for 4hours while the bomb squad came in, and actually detonated the grenades. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

Third times the charm and it's all about the cat. There's been numerous sightings of the feline, and I wonder if it's just hoping to take the promotion off of Courtney Cox's upcoming flick, COUGAR TOWN, and return the spotlight on the feline itself. Unless of course, it's someones sick joke to release a cougar out in the wild, considering that this year has been dubbed the year of the Cougar.

But why our town? After all, nothing ever happens here.

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