Monday, February 12, 2007

Gone but not forgotten

Sad I know.
A life has been lost.
Extremely tragic.
In their 20's-horrifying!

No, I'm not talking about Anna Nicole Smith.
I'm talking about a friend of my siblings- who died recently.
He died serving his country.
He was married for two years.
He was only 26years old.
His mother and father are without a son.
His wife without a husband.

He was on his way back to base camp, riding in a caravan of Humvee's.
He was in the fourth Humvee.

There are these Iraqis that like to linger along the roadside. Some strictly for curiosity sake, some for nothing but evil and harm.

He was in the fourth Humvee on their way back to their base camp.
An Iraqi Man stood along side the road.
He received a call on his cellphone to "detonate."
He did.
The Humvee was involved in a "roadside" explosion.

Kevin Landeck was riding in the fourth vehicle in a caravan heading back to base camp.
A soldier in the fifth Humvee witnessed the tragic accident.
He told Kevin's family not to worry,that he wasn't alive for long.

The explosive device did things to his poor body that would make your head spin. That of which out of the respect for him and his family I will not talk about here.

It's difficult when it's someone you "know." It always seems to impact you more. It's difficult when you're a parent and you can imagine the awful road ahead for his family. It's difficult when you're a wife and have to experience the burial of your husband after only being married two years.

It's enough to make me scream, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!
Son's are dying, husbands are being returned to America with body parts missing. They deserve all the respect that each and every American can muster up inside our souls. They are the ones that chose to go out there and help our country.
I don't think I could ever do that.
When discussing this tragic story with a close family member, they replied with the comment, "Good Ol Bush, there he goes again."
You know what?
It wasn't Bush that detonated the explosive cell phone.
It wasn't Bush that told him to hop in the fourth Humvee versus the first, second, third or fifth.
Regardless of what you feel about Bush, he's not the one pulling the trigger-
Blame the Iraqi's.

It was the Iraqi alongside the road that killed him.
I am mourning today the loss of a good person. A hero to many that knew him. I am mourning the fact that a mother has to bury her son. A wife has to say goodbye to her husband after only having two years together. A father who said that his son was always a hero to him has to watch as his casket is lowered into the ground. How many fathers do you know that actually say, "their son has always been a hero to them?"

Welcome to Crustybeef~
I am heartbroken that a family has to say goodbye today.
What helps is knowing that his soul is resting peacefully in Heaven.
Puts everything else in perspective. I will try my hardest not to complain about lifes little set backs because in comparison-well, there just IS no comparison.,1,4940803.story?coll=chi-news-hed


Anonymous said...

When I read the stories in the paper I wondered if the soldier was known to Denise or Jon.

God, I hope this war is as necessary to win for our country as I've believed.

This is the first war in the last 145 years that our country has fought without using draftees. Our guys who are over there all WANTED to put themselves in harm's way. Can you fathom what will (or IS) happen to their morale if this thing comes to an unceremonious end? Who in the future would want to join the military?

And if we can't get volunteers, how in hell would we institute a draft again?????



He threw with Jon after school..was on the football team. He also knew Denise. the wake was yesterday and his poor wife was as if in a's truly a scary scary thing. He actually told his dad via im that the war is useless and no matter how many troops they send in, it won't improve until the cooperation of the Iraqis will improve..which doesn't seem hopefully. Should a draft occur, I will move to canada. I just think it's awful.
Funeral's today. P's and siblings are going, I'm on babywatch. So very very sad.

Baleboosteh said...

Words can't describe how sad it is that so many soldiers are losing their lives in Iraq.

I am sorry to hear about your friend.


Thanks Baleboosteh!! I appreciate your kind words.