Thursday, March 29, 2007

Gone By The Touch of a Button

Well, I had this great blog about my days in the car industry. Fabulous entry that captured the very essence of my days at Dodge.

Alas, you won't be reading about it today.


Because the posting is gone. Gone. GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't learn the first time and obviously I didn't learn today.



momof3: "Hello?"

Momof2: "hey Crusty, I got your message, and we'll definitely be there tomorrow for the mommie playdate."

momof3: "GREAT!!" "How's the house hunting going?"

momof2: "hmmm, well, it's been interesting, as you know we want to be in the same area as you guys are, and well, it's just been challenging because either the home doesn't have a backyard, or there's too much work that needs done. Either a roof, or it's taken on water." "You know how it is,.."

momof3: "mmmm, yes, completely!"

The conversation went from home hunting to vicodin to kids to Supernanny to religion to promise keepers, to husbands working late. Interruptions with our young ones, weddings, get togethers, birthday parties, pinatas, bounce houses, lunch tomorrow, playdate, blankets and pacifiers, consistency...yadah yadah..

Returning to finalize my blog I was met by the TONKA RESCUE GUY vividly splashed on my computer screen.

Unfortunately I didn't save my post to edit it at a later time. My wonderful 5 year old, (whom I've only told more than I can remember to NOT touch the computer without first asking me) decided to put in his computer game.

Thus, the deletion of my entry.

My post is gone.

He's crying because he feels bad that he didn't listen.

And I'm just not in the mood to re-write the inspiring tips of how to buy a car, all over again.

So, this is all you're going to get today. Maybe, just maybe, I'll have the time to re-write the GIT-R-DONE at a later time. But for now I have to go prep for my mommies playdate scheduled to commence tomorrow around lunch.

And, remind my 5year old one more time just how important it is to listen to mommy and follow the directions that we provide for them.

It could be worse I guess. After all, this is just an outlet, it's not like the dog ate my homework.

Welcome To crustybeef~
I am not in the re-writing mood. I have a playdate to prepare for.

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