Friday, March 16, 2007

Kelly Green Karma Turnaround

It's that time of year again, when our Chicago river looks slightly greener than the rest of the 364days of the year. ("Kelly green," for that matter.)

Not from all the serious Irish Drunks vomiting their green frothy into the river, but an intentional dye to commemorate tomorrow's St. Patricks day.

When Children look around earnestly for that pot of gold, hoping to catch a glimpse of that little laughing leprechaun.

When My buddy Burt Constable (from the Daily Herald) writes about how America is ready for a Black President, but not black dolls.

When the gov't announces that the recent confession of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, isn't completely accurate.


Perhaps another ploy of the government to justify the cost to continue to search for Osama?

Have to make it appear to the American eye, that it's justified to continue the fight over in Iraq. So by use of the al-Qaida prisoner's confession, they can give the impression that the job isn't quite yet finished.

Mohammed claims he was responsible for many successful attacks including 9/11. Yet now, officials are saying that the "mastermind" was key to some plots, but nothing more than a typical "player" in the other alleged 3o follies. That he's "stretching the truth."

So, it's okay for the government to claim that Mohammed isn't being truthful, but they themselves will not accept responsibility, and admit their own wrongdoings.

People who live in Glass houses, shouldn't throw stones.


Then there's Burt with the Daily Herald, stating quite the obvious over the candidacy of Obama. People are "willing" to accept Obama-mama. The acceptance deemed from the viewpoint of how fresh, and charismatic he is. An excellent comparison to our former president, JFK.

Yet, the American public isn't willing to "accept" the black dollies?

Seems fairly discriminatory don't you think?

Sure you may see the occasional "black barbie" doll from MATTEL as you peruse the toy aisle, but those always end up categorized as the "Joliet Barbie," the Ghetto doll...

Obviously Burt knows what he's talking about. We're content with Obama, we're willing to hear what he has to say, although I'm still not quite sure I understand where he stands. (topic for another time) Yet we aren't willing to socially accept the Black doll as "one of us."

It's immediate disposal to the "ghetto group" is truly a "shame on you" standpoint.

So we can accept a college grad, "alleged Muslim" ( will provide you with the truth of this urban legend. Thank you ANON!!), pot smoking background, candidate, yet we refuse to allow a scantly clad, non speaking doll with legs out to there there into the socially acceptable world we call America?

Go figure.

The other day as bigdog was heading to the train station after work, he observed a fellow co-worker of his walking across the bridge towards him.

Her hands full of bags of goodies, she was unaware that he was in the crowd of many people eager to get to their favorite spot on the train. Ready to close up the day, and head home to the "burbs."

Seizing his moment, as she's about to walk right past him, he jumps out in front of her,letting out a cry that only can be summed up as a wildebeest in heat.

The poor girl jumped back, freaked out of her clean undies. Not only did he scare her, he freaked out a few other people along the way. His intent wasn't to be mean, it was just to have a bit of fun, and laughing, that's how she took it.

But our dear friend, Karma, has a tendency to just creep it's little leprechaun self back around, ready to strike when your armor is off.

Karma got him back the next morning.

Karma in the form of his wife standing behind him as he's crouching over to pick something up from the seat of his car. Turning around, he managed to jump as high as a louse does when they move from hair follicle to hair follicle.

It wasn't my intent to scare him, it just ended up that way. He wasn't as happy about the am scare tactic, judging from his initial knee jerk reaction to pummel the very ground that I walk on.

But soon enough, his fear turned into a goofy sense of relief, laughing, as he kissed me goodbye and wished me a good day at home.

Got to LOVE Karma.

Welcome to crustybeef~
I'm green with envy that everyone else will be drinking yummy green beer this Saturday. Where as bigdog and I will be waiting around for the potential of that very louse, making leeway into our children's hair.


Anonymous said...

Obama isn't Muslim.


Many thanks ANON, I appreciate the information!!

Anonymous said...

Question: What color dye is used to make the Chicago River turn momentarily green?

Answer: A supremely ironic orange dye is poured into the river. For centuries, Irishmen (REAL Irishmen) have divided themselves by religion. The Gaels of the Catholic 2/3rd's of the emerald isle have had the hue of green emblazon their banners. In the north the Portestants - you guessed it - rally behind orange.

In America, the greatest of all countries on God's Earth, we are more open about the way we worship and occasionally work together despite our differences. Thus, we use tangerine and kelly for one special day when we're all a honorary Sullivan, O'Reilly, or Reagan to celebrate a hearty St. Paddy's Day.


Anonymous said...

I finally figured out how to comment...
testing it.