Monday, March 26, 2007

LOVE IS,.........

Love is,... having a marriage that you can learn from every step of the way.

Love is,... snuggling next to your beloved while watching THE DEPARTED.

Love is,... having a challenging day with your little ones and still having your heart melt as you watch them slip into dreamland in the evening.

Love is,... referring to your mother in law as mom.

Love is,...missing her when she returns home after a wonderful time spent together.

Love is,... truly an astonishing emotion that creeps up on you when you meet the one that you think will be your future.

Love is,... walking away from someone that isn't quite ready to give themselves completely to you even though your heart is breaking.

Love is,... closing your bedroom window so that your beloved doesn't have to hear the 4am birds sing their song of six pence, even though that is the very thing that brings peace to your mornings.

Love is,... worth all it's weight in gold. Even the dreaded Fools gold.

Love is,... introducing your best friend to your mother in law whom you think the world of. All the while hoping that your best friend will see the gracious beauty that your mother in law gives to this family.

Love is,... watching your grandson grow up into a young boy and being grateful for that special bond that was created when he was 4months old.

Love is,... recognizing the hurt that someone is experiencing and wishing you could take the pain away and carry it for them.


My mom, or mother in law was here the past 5 days, which is why I've been absent from the blog world. My apologies to my readers. But taking an unscheduled break from it all is necessary. It gives me a chance to put my thoughts in order. To grow with my relationships.

One being my mother in law.
Being around her is always refreshing. I'm so grateful that I can honestly call her mom and mean it. She is my southern mom, one that I admire and respect and honor. She's someone that I can be myself around, interfaith and all. We laugh together, cry together and learn from one another. We talk on the phone, we send cards, we appreciate our differences and love each other.

We can be open with each other. We confide in each other.
Not only is she my mother in law, but she's truly someone that I hold dear to my heart. Her refreshing views on life are astonishing. Watching her with her son, even when she pulls out the dreaded lecture card, is just amazing.

Sure she'll always be bigdogg's mom, the one that reminds him to stay professional, to ignore the corporate BS that creeps up ever so often, to trust no one but yourself and to just do your job. To put on a happy face and just roll with it. She can remind her 34 year old son to remove the ear hairs and it doesn't seem insulting.

It's about improving yourself, inside and out. It's about learning from your mistakes and not letting them happen again. It's about being honest with yourself and with your partner, even if you think it'll hurt. She embraces all that defines life, and if you ever have an opportunity to met her, you too should consider yourself blessed.

Welcome To crustybeef~
I'm back from a great 4+days with my southern mom. How lucky that I have someone so special in my life from my husband's family. She means the world to me and I hope that you're just as fortunate to have a similar bond with your "in law" family. If you don't, at least try to. Why not try to minimize the potential for regrets, later on in life.

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Anonymous said...

We're both fortunate to have solid mothers-in-law. In my case I can honestly say that she has been far kinder than my own mother was.

Have I had differences with my mother-in-law? Of course. Has one of us gotten the other so 'put out' that one dreaded the next meeting? Yes.

My mother-in-law turns 84 next month. I've been a lucky guy to not only have had the pleasure of her company but to have the daughter she produced and raised. We'd all be so lucky to have that said about us down the road.