Thursday, March 08, 2007

Random Thoughts and Acts of Kindness

Woman awakens after 6 years!

Refrigerator will toss you can of beer!

Jesus of Suburbia!

What is this, a blog on the National Enquirer?

Do you truly believe there is such thing as a Smacker Crapper?

Are any of the above stories even true? Or just another way to promote useless information since they haven't seen Britney Spears or Paris Hilton prowling around due to rehab and clean undies. That starch will get you everytime!!

I'll leave it up to you to decide. But the deal is, you need to tell me which of these stories, including the smacker crapper are true or false. No cheating either! Upon receipt of your comments, I will follow up with this on a new posting. Today only, TWO POSTINGS!


My horoscope said: A bit of stubbornness can be beneficial -- but ignoring reality never is. Wonder what that last bit means? Does it mean that in reality being kind to everyone is just plain beneficial, or stubborn? Is it actually possible to extend yourself to every single member of your family even though they may not be talking to this one from "that tree," or, that branch from that "other tree." Is it possible for old habits to die hard? Is it possible to rectify yourself and your relationships after impossible hurt? Is it possible to forgive and accept the differences. To accept that it's completely natural to get annoyed with one another, to accept that even though you may handle the process of rejection one way, someone else has a completely different coping mechanism.
Is it feasible to think that for once in your life you can love everyone, be there for everyone, spend time with everyone.

I'd like to believe so. I'd like to hope.
Welcome to Crustybeef~
I am stubborn, but that's what makes me so lovable! Don't forget to send me your thoughts on the faux or true story lines listed up above.
Happy Thursday everyone!


Julie W. said...

my guess is that they’re all true…except maybe the one about the beer & refrigerator… but that’s prob possible too.

So, who’s the friend eloping? That sucks… I’m sure its hard to deal w/ but you know what- I agree… best to be honest…and it makes perfect sense. You should be a poet…all of your blogs are so poetic & creative…

AW said...

Woman awakens and the beer tossing frig are true. I heard the beer tossing thing this morning on NPR.
Took the guy150 hours of labor to make it. Can toss up to 10 cans before needing to be reloaded.
What do I win? And how do I reply on the blog?