Monday, April 16, 2007

Art By Laine

Do you remember when I wrote about OUTLETS?

When I mentioned that one of my best friends uses the paintbrush to settle her nerves?

You know, the one that's in the starting phase of painting an INTERFAITH canvas for this household?

Well, she's done it again. She's using what God gave her and she's creating things for others. Not only is she helping herself, she's helping others cherish memories.

Her most recent venture involved painting a picture of her grandma's house on a plate, for a fellow family member. The buyer of the home saw the beautiful painting and asked for one as well.

I kid you not, you want someone to capture what you hold dearest to your heart?

She can do it.

She sent me the pictures of her project, and I've got to admit, she's very good.

I guarantee you she's an up and coming put your orders in now before she gets too expensive. It's my hope that she'll pursue her gift here, in Chicago, so that I may finally have my best friend back near me..

I miss her.

You know how you have that one special relationship with someone that you don't even have to say anything, and you both understand each other?

You could say, "get charged," or, "H2," and she'll be the only one to understand the meaning behind that phrase.

You hear a song on the radio and it brings you back to the days of getting ready to go out at 11pm for Hump night $1 you call it's.

The beauty of friendship..

She's planning on coming in for a visit in a few weeks, if the frequent flier miles prove to be available...I'm hoping, and keeping my one finger crossed that it'll work out.

That my dear friend, my friend that's seen me at my worst and best of times, will finally make it here for a visit. To see my Sullivan and Ben whom she's never even met before. To see my Jackson at his present ripe age of 5-the last time she saw Jack was when we lived in Florida. I had flown out to Arizona to visit her and another very dear friend of mine when he was only 1 year and 9months old. To see my bigdogg and hang out, have some wine and laugh about all the crazy things we did before.

Say, like me fitting into a suitcase.

Or, when our exclusive group of friends all lived together in a 6bedroom home in Barrington!We'd turn off all the lights and play hide and go seek. Childish, I know. But boy am I glad I have the memories of all the crazy "game on," times to carry me through when I really start missing her.

Keep your finger (too many is unlucky) crossed that for me, she'll be able to come in.

And feel free to pass along any pictures of anything that you want captured through her eyes.

Trust me, you won't be disappointed from a canvas by "The Laine."

Welcome To crustybeef~
This may be a brief entry but I'll have more later. I wanted to go light today, being that I had such an extensive posting on the Art of F & F, last Thursday.

Enjoy the pictures I've posted here of Laine's newest projects. Let me know what you think!

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Baleboosteh said...

Wow! She is quite talented isn't she?!

I think the paintings are gorgeous.