Friday, April 20, 2007


Alright Gun Part Deux will be around later, I just wanted to add something quick.

Here goes; I no longer hold any respect for Alec Baldwin for the disturbing display of verbal abuse that he gave to his daughter.

I don't care how bad of a person you are, or what you've done, you DON'T talk to your children that way.

On the flip side, how in the heck did it get recorded like that?
I have to stop and think that could Kim Basinger be setting up her ex by using her daughter?

I sure hope not, because if that's the case, (even though I still don't respect Mr. Baldwin for his awfully abusive rant), his ex wife, if this was a set up, is just as guilty as he is. After all, you don't pit your daughter against your ex husband-her father. That to me is nothing more than mental abuse by act of pushing buttons.

Keep the matter of your own issues away from your children. That's just not healthy. Meet Ireland, the future ANNA NICOLE SMITH!

These individuals don't deserve the time of the day. Keep your personal life in circumstances like this to yourself. Why all the hatred? With all the other issues in the world, is there nothing left that we can feel proud about?

Definitely not from the actor in 3rd Rock, that's for sure.

Welcome to crustybeef~
Feels good to be on such a posting role.
I hope you've enjoyed it.
and BTW, No father should EVER talk to their child that way. To call his daughter a pig, with such venom in his words was shocking.


the clem said...

Wasn't that moron suppose to move to Canada when Bush got elected? Guantanamo sounds like an even better place for him!

the clem said...

CB...I have a question. I'm a HedyBlog faithful and I just started reading your blog, so ........I just have a quick question. What does CrustyBeef mean?


Hello Clem,
thanks for the comments...
I'm quite enamored by the wonderful writings from our dear Hedy..she's absolutely incredible.

I on the other hand am your typical stay at home mom that neglects her painted toenails (hence one of the MANY things that make me crusty) that can get annoyed with things, that did go through a shitty bout of postpartum depression. Which was extremely difficult because up until having kids, I was pretty darn sure of myself...
So, if you DO keep reading, I'm sure you'll find the answers as to the question of why am I crustybeef!

Hope you can come back again!

the clem said...

thanks CB...i've been getting a kick outta your blog


why thank you Clem...I hope you'll come back for more and offer your whimsical thoughts on my nutty unorthodox ways as mommy and wife.