Monday, April 02, 2007

I Blog She Paints

We all have our outlets.

Whatever they may be, as long as it's a healthy outlet, I strongly encourage you to find whatever pacifies your inner self, and roll with it.

I write to help make me feel more connected to the world outside of my home.

I write as an outlet, a hobby.

I write because I enjoy the way my moods soften upon posting my thoughts.


My friend paints.

That's her outlet- she captures her moods through the flow of her paintbrush and the texture of her canvas..

She once took every cover of our friend's old Led Zeppelin albums and by engaging her outlet, she managed to create a beautiful piece of artwork.


My Aunt enjoys the bookstore. She'll browse every aisle with her steaming cup of coffee until they remind her that the store is closing.

That's her outlet.


My Bigdog uses the wonderful world of sports as his outlet. The cherished ESPN channel, now in high definition, he'll sit and comment on his Canes, or presently, the Final four Basketball tournament.

That's his outlet.


Healthy, good outlets.

To calm you.

To relax you.

There's nothing wrong with them. So long as they don't negatively impact anyone else.


Welcome to crustybeef~

I couldn't help myself, so I've included the picture that she drew of the Led Zeppelin albums.

She'll paint whatever you want. You just need to give her something to start with.

Next up, she's creating a canvas of interfaith art, as I like to refer to it.
Capturing the two faiths that encompass this household.

The Jewish faith.

The Christian faith.

Co-existing and embracing the many things that we do have in common.


Kahnee said...

I recently realized I blog to relieve stress and deal with the problems in my life. I noticed that when i was happy, I blog less.


You're absolutely correct. I look forward to reading your blog!
have a great one Kahnee!