Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Finger πέος and Fever

Yes, sick.

Crusty is fighting something. My throat is on fire. My temperature is going up as each hour passes and the chills are intense. But I'll survive. All I need is some serious sleep, meds and complete quiet and that will get my body back on track.

It's all the weekends fault. I just know it. Laine being in town, my body not used to the amounts of wine that we drank, the late late nights staying up giggling. So, obviously the let down of her departure, the depression of saying goodbye could very much have something to do with this present internal body fight to ward off the virus.

Moving on, you'll notice that my title has a Greek word in it. This was intentional.

Sunday at around 10:00am I decided to make a craft for my departing best friend. (who by the way, did complete the art work of CO-EXIST and I've since added it to this posting as well as below.-It's a beautiful piece of art-incredible I tell you!!)
Cutting through pink felt with very very DULL scissors I was trying to make a tutu to glue on a piece of construction paper.

"Why a tutu," you ask?
Well because I had found my old childhood tutu in a box and couldn't resist "dressing up" for my bigdogg and friends prancing around the bonfire/bbq that we all attended at my friends home, on Saturday night. My friends were in tears at the site of me in a pink tutu over my jeans. So, I decided to recreate this "show," and put it on paper for her parting gift.

So much for dull scissors. The damn thing somehow slipped and I felt a rather nasty slice go straight through my left index finger just above the top crease on the finger print.

Ending up in the ER, the eventual diagnosis was digital nerve repair. I had sliced straight through the digit nerve, missing the main artery which was very lucky.

I got lucky. It's my left hand and although the surgeon can't repair all of the nerves, and even though I don't have any feeling in my finger crease up, it could been worse.

So, here is a picture of my lovely bandage. Can you GUESS what that Greek word is now?

Welcome to crusty beef~
I'm finger "deekin" Good.

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Anonymous said...

great blog finger d*** so funny. your friends love you so much....great weekend.