Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Guess Who Part Deux

Playing the link the letter to the politician game isn't easy, and it's rather a pain in the ass, I know. Just as politics are. They're confusing and distorted and slightly demented with their strong views.

I miss Ronald Reagan. From what I've read about him, from what I've heard from other sources, from what I remember, he appeared to me as forthright.

He was refreshing.

I get letters in my inbox from the many different politicians vying for a chance at the presidential throne of control. The $400 haircut sends them about once a week. The "she wears the pants in that family," oh maybe once or twice every two weeks. The young fresh one, every other day. The Gem, just about the same. It helps me to get a grasp on the different views by reading the "little things."

As said, the email that I "copied and pasted" from my inbox was sent from the fresh young one-Mr. Barack Obama.

Welcome To crustybeef~
I am still very much under the weather. This post has been written in the am cloud of haze, sweat, and a very nasty fever. I guess I have to be SICK in order to write about politics-I'd much prefer to write about poop and the terrible two's. This stuff isn't my thing. I'll save it for my other bloggers (HEDY!!!) and my readers who relish in it- and actually make sense explaining their views. They actually help make more sense of it to me, (UD,ACS!!!) than the actual candidates do. Go figure.

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singlewithcats said...

Well said crusty! I hope you feel better. Politics are distorted and warped. With all the energy and money youd think they'd make more of an effort to "buy our vote." ha.
have a good noncrusty day.