Friday, May 11, 2007


I hope I didn't throw you off with the picture of my good friends Laine and Mish-Mish. I just am really missing Laine, since she's been gone.

*How come the song from Kelly Clarkson just popped into my head?** hee hee.

It's great to have that time with good friends. They give you the break that you need to get you through your regularly scheduled program of motherhood. They understand you. They're there for you when you need to complain about the incessant crying due to overtired whippersnappers.

They may not understand what it's like to be a mom, but they always listen to me. They don't judge my mistakes. They don't gossip behind my back about what they think I'm doing wrong in my life.

They're truly good long lasting friends.

They accept me, and everything that is a part of my life. My husband, my children-my universe.

They embrace everything that is important to me, and they don't choose sides. They're not superficial, or fake. They don't make themselves out to be the world's greatest friend, employee or perfect boyfriend/husband material.

They don't make catty remarks about how I dress. They don't care if I went through a dark period of Post Partum depression. They don't take pity on that. They show support even though they don't understand what it's like to go through that nasty hormonal change. They listen when I complain about having to be dependant on the magical blue pill of Zoloft. They don't look at me any differently than before the babies and husband.

They understand that everyone makes mistakes, in all walks of life. They forgive.

If only I'd known them back in the elementary school days.

I only hope that someday my sons will have such valuable friendships as my bigdogg and I have.

Welcome To crustybeef~
I miss Laine "since she's been gone," but I don't feel like she's gone from our daily life. No matter the length of time apart, or distance, as I've written before, makes no difference in our friendship. We pick up right where we left off last, without missing a single thing.

I'll be working the 5K Hecto race tomorrow early morning, and then spending a wonderful day with my biggdogg and children with new memories being made. Please remember to kiss your moms if you're still blessed to have them around here on this planet Earth.

Have a wonderful, Fabulous Weekend.

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Baleboosteh said...

Nice photos Crusty :D

They sound like very good friends - I can understand why you are missing them.

You are a very lucky lady and I bet they value your friendship just as much as you value theirs.

I hope you had a good day with your boys (big and little!) on the weekend.

Take care