Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cheaper By the Half Dozen??

I've had a fairly busy week, nothing out of the ordinary in crusty land, but figured I'd tell you about it anyways.


My Jackson had a playmate over. His friend's name is Jackson, as well!! Since they first met last September, they've referred to themselves as the "J boys." (Which I find hilarious being that they're only 5 and already coming up with what seems like junior high type nicknames.)
Jack's mom dropped him off here about 10:30am and he was just a delight to have around. I made them lunch, and he actually SAT DOWN and ate his food. His entire plate of food in complete silence like a tractor that gracefully shovels the dirt away at a construction site, he even asked for seconds. WOW!

In the meantime, I was also watching my new "nephew," Jorge.

A 2month old Victorian bulldog that my brother and his girlfriend purchased just over a week ago. A wonderful puppy, goes outside, does his thing, walks into his crate to sleep when he's done playing, hangs out with my boys like he's one of them. I have never seen a dog with such an incredible disposition. He doesn't jump on people. He doesn't have accidents in our home, he doesn't chew on things that aren't squeaky. (Like wooden tables, childrens toys, and shoes.)

His mommy was terribly ill and wasn't able to care for him the other day due to a nasty flu bug. His daddy had to work, and being that he's just a pup, they didn't want him left unattended.
So, they contacted his aunt, ME!!

I happily said, "sure bring my Lil nephew over."

That means I had Jackson, Jackson, Sullivan, Benjamin, and Jorge.

We took Jackson home about 4:15pm after a full day of swimming, sprinkler hopping, mooning, Popsicles, "golf-shuffle board," and bike rides.

He's welcome here anytime, a wonderful, respectable, considerate little man. His parents are doing a wonderful job.

Jorge left just before that, about 4:00pm, when his daddy came to pick him up. A great doggie, great with his "cousins," well mannered, he's welcome here anytime.
His parents are doing a wonderful job.


I had arranged (last week) with my cousin, to watch her darling daughters, "Hbear" age 3, and "Gracie" age 6months. Kay works in the ER at a nearby hospital and she had her annual CPR
re-certification class, that day.

The day prior, they had just closed on their new home (in the same town that we live in).
YEA!! Now we're going to be a 5minute drive, versus a 35minute drive!!
Needless to say, although her husband (Mr. Strong!!) was willing to stay home and watch the girls (he's just like my Bigdogg, a wonderful husband and daddy!!) Kay felt bad being that they're moving next week into the home,which means missing more work. Plus, having missed work the day prior due to the closing,.. she asked me if I wouldn't mind...

Which I didn't at all!!

Her girls are a blast to be around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had it arranged that "Kay" would drop off her girls about 9:30am and be back here about 1:00pm. Perfect!!

At about 7:55 Friday morning, the telephone rang. I couldn't find my cordless phone, so I answered the red "bat phone" that resembles the old fashioned phone with a pottery barn twist, which means, I had no clue who was calling.

This teeny scared voice on the other line says to me after my "hello?..."

"Crusty? Can you come pick me up?"

It sounded like my sister, which confused me because her son was having surgery today, so why would she be calling me asking me to come pick her up?

It turned out it was my big helper, my other cousin's daughter, "Doty." She's a smart cookie of a 10year old that is a wonderful help whenever I've had her here previously.

"Doty's" mom was involved in a bike accident this past Sunday, and unfortunately due to poor care at a hospital that many people refer to as "Come die Here," she was sent home. She ends up back in the Er, only this time she went to another local hospital (where "Kay" works!!) with fluid in her abdomen, a torn Rotator Cuff, possible collapsed lungs, and most likely, pneumothorax. She wasn't comfortable spending the morning at home by herself while her Gramma went to work, so she called and asked me if she could spend the day over here.

OF COURSE SHE CAN!! You'd be amazed at how thoughtful this 10 year old girl is. Kind, smart, and fully aware of the little ones around her, she's going to be a fabulous babysitter in 3 years!!!

The boys and I leave about 8:30am to go pick up "Doty" at her house to hang out here for the day.

"Kay" arrives with her girls at exactly 9:30am.

Suddenly in the matter of an hour, I have 6 children in my care.

After the babies woke up from their nap, we "strollered" them up, packed up some Ritz crackers, made some bottles, sun screened the children, put the shoes on, did the potty visits, and headed to the park. I know I'm absolutely insane, but I figured it'll help pass the time and it'll get the young ones out of the house to run around in a deliciously smelling fresh cut grass field, alongside a park that I could have only dreamed about having, back when "I was a child."

I arranged for the children to each pick one thing to ride on- (there were two little ones that wanted to ride a bike there, but also bring along a scooter. Which means I'd have had to carry the scooters, and push a stroller which I declined to do so.) After much thought, the whippersnappers, ages 5, 3, and 3 found their ride of choice and I laid out the game plan:

"We're going on an adventure guys, and I need you to be very aware of what's around you. The best way to be observers on this ride to the park, is to have you ride your bikes in a line, and I'll be the one calling out the things that you may have to "spy." Who knows what we'll find on our adventure to the park!! Maybe a bug, maybe a broken tree limb, maybe even smashed m&ms, either way, I need you to stay in line like the following:

Jack, you're the train conductor.
"Hbear" you're the coal truck.
Sully you're the passenger car.
"Doty" you're the diner car."

They were all very behaved and curious young ones that couldn't wait to start our adventure.

"Doty" was pushing Benjamin in his stroller (remember, I said how much of a huge help she is??) and I had "Gracie" along side the front part of the crew.

It took us about 15 minutes to get to the park, only due to the fact that we had to stop and find the smashed m&ms, the rope that was hanging from a tree, the bird feeder bath that was a beautiful bright red hanging in a nearby yard, and a few wings left over from our bug eyed cicada's. The park is generally a 3minute walk, but remember, with children you must be patient. You must allow them to stop, look, and explore the many things we, as adults, take for granted, or forget to stop and look for.

Arriving at the park, the children bolted to different spots at the park:

Jackson headed straight for the Fireman's pole...

Sullivan went straight for the slide...

"Doty," straight for the swings..

...and last but not least, my sweet "Hbear," who reminds me so much of her mommy, "Kay," when she was little:

"Hbear," ran up to the ladder, climbed up the ladder, ran over the bridge, climbed down the ladder, and ran over to me.................................saying in her gentle adorable voice,......

"Crusty? I have to go pee-pee."

Welcome to Crustybeef~

Remember Jack's friend, Jack? Lucky for me their home backs right up to the park we were at. Even luckier was that Jack's mom, a friend of mine, was outside.

Problem solved.

Pee-Pee delivered in the comforts of a home.
Sanity kept.

Two weeks and zero Zoli..I passed the duties of yesterday, simple easy duties, which only makes me think that I'm in the "clear" for mental meltdowns.


I was asleep on the couch last night by 8pm.

How DO parents of more than 3 do it???

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