Wednesday, September 05, 2007

NEXT MONDAY- A Guest Posting!!

Good Gracious, who could it be?
Hmm, you won't know until 6 days from now.

It could be anyone!
A former AllState Soccer player.
A former Football player.
A former date of Mike Tomczak (ex Bears player).
Someone that's thrown the "first pitch" (baseball) out onto the field before the start of the Arizona diamondbacks Baseball game. (Did I get that right??)
Someone that worked in the chemical division of those very well known permanent markers that you enjoy sniffing.
Someone that has spent some time in rehab, after dabbling in everything from ecstasy, to pot, to mushrooms. (but don't quote me on the 'shrooms.)
Someone that doesn't give herself enough credit as a mom, or a wife.
Someone that should be given the microphone and spotlight every so often, to help with her own insecurities as a young mommy of three.
Someone that has seen pretty much everything there is to see regarding pain and suffering from her walk of work through the ER floors.


It could just be my old pull string childhood doll, Baby Beans. (which I still have, but she doesn't talk anymore. If you guys find one that actually still talks, meaning, the pull string is still working, please let me know..I can't let go of this doll-she was my everything. She's upstairs in Ben's room, sitting on the Rocking chair making sure everything is peaceful and calm for him!!)

You'll just have to sit tight and wait.
5 days to go until there's a Guest Posting!

Welcome To Crustybeef~
5 days and counting!
You will be notified this morning via
If you don't receive an email. that doesn't mean that you're not on my list for speakers.
We'll get to you, don't you worry!!
Please, for the individual that did receive the request, keep it under wraps until the posting appears on Monday.
The confidentiality agreement is also attached to that invitation email.
Please sign and return back to me asap.


captain corky said...

It's already killing me that I have to wait till tomorrow for pro football season to start, but now you're making me wait too. It's not fair! ;)

Anonymous said...

so exciting!!!!! I wonder who it could be. Great idea!


captain Corky: I figured youd be able to wait-after all, you stuck around 9months for your little wonder..
GO BEARS!!!!!!

Anon: Thank you!! You'll find out next week that's for certain!..and everyone will have the chance to appear at least once as a guest poster.


Portia said...

i'm sure baby beans has quite a few crusty stories to let loose! looking forward to seeing who it is...although i'll be honest here: i can in fact wait. my days have started zooming by so fast, next monday will be here in what feels like 5 minutes:) wonder who it is.................

KYRIE said...

Who is it? A hint maybe. The suspence is killing me :)
Hey there crusty. How are u doing today??
I hv been drinking decaf today, and it is making me feel lousy! I am out of my coke too. I am on caffiene low today.

Anonymous said...

What in the heck?


SOUL: said...

is it me....or the darvocet? i'm confused.
my eys are all puffy and i can't seeee tooooo.
got any coffee?
i'm goin fishin.
c ya


Portia: Ahh,,Baby Beans back in her day has witnessed quite a few stories...thanks for a hidden inspiration, as a matter of fact. :)Can you move some of your fast paced week over here, please? My feet are dragging.

Kyrie: The suspense of a no name poster-nope, you'll just have to wait until monday :) But the good news is you'll either like the post or you won't. :) hahahah

How's the fishing?
How are you feeling? It's not the darvocets-so that's where mine ran off to-Soul Land....

Someone has been asked to post here at crustybeef..
hey, what was the name of the teams when you flew out to AZ for the baseball game??


SOUL: said...

hey... you said monday... he posted on thursday. what's up with that?