Wednesday, September 19, 2007


"Bonggggggg BinggGGG!!
"Bonnggggggggg BinggGGG......!"
She's sitting with her dentist talking about his future with Sarah and what he plans on doing with caring for the baby. Only he's not interested in Sarah, he wants her. His beeper goes off and he jumps up out of the chair after looking at the number, running after someone walking down the hall.

"Bonnngggggg BingggGGG!!"

"Bonnggggggg BinggggGGG!!"

He returns with his Mcdreamy face softened and eyes twinkling down at her. He wants to be with her, and he'll do what he can to have her-he doesn't want Sarah the knocked up one. He wants the one that returns to have more work down on her teeth. He wants the responsible one-the one that always pays her dental bills in full. He wants the one near him.

She's cautious. She's dated people like him in the past. She's aware of how destructive the relationship most likely will be. But she welcomes the passion of the first kiss, the passion of the kiss after their first argument. She welcomes the making up. She knows the destruction will be there. It's visible through his shadow. Through his manners. Yet she can't control herself. She's ready to walk down this wild side, with him. Knowing full well that it won't last, but the adventures that they will have, will be worth it all.

"Bonnggggggggg BingGGGG!"

The gonging sounds interrupt her thoughts. She gazes up at McDreamy-and asks him,
"what's that noise?......." "What keeps gonging?" She asks a twinkling McDreamy.....

"Mommmyiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee, the doorbell, someones at the doorbell!!"

1. I was dreaming this morning.
2. I was dreaming of my dentist.
3. Even though I was dreaming about my dentist, the Sauntering Frank-it wasn't his face, it was Patrick Dempsey's face-my listed crush
4. I don't have the jumbley juices for my dentist

5. I do have the jumbley juices for McDreamy

6. Sullivan was happy to tell me that someone was here-at the "doorbell, mind you."
7. Dream interrupter-all of them!

So, at 6:15am I had my dream about McDreamy interrupted by the constant ringing of the doorbell. I stumble out of bed, nearly tripping over Sullivan as he stands there at the foot of the bed finger in his mouth, blanket draped over his shoulder. His eyes still have sleep in them. But I can't focus on him yet. I still have the door to answer.

Get to the kitchen and double check the time, still amazed that it was only 6:15am.
Was I sure?
I looked again, yup, 6:15am.

Fumbling around for the keys for the deadbolt, I hear the shower downstairs running, assuming Bigdogg is getting ready for work.
Finally getting the door open, I see Nephewdog Jorge!! and my brother Jimmy standing there.

"HI CRUSTY," Jimmy says in his REALLY LOUD MALE 6ft 5inch VOICE...

"Didn't mom mention that I was bringing Jorge over today? You know I can't call anyone, so I hope you can take him.."

What was I going to do? Say no to my brother and nephewdog Jorge? I can't say no.
I have no-itis.
It's contagious, so stay away from me, or it'll rub off on you.

"Hey, Jim, no mom didn't mention it to me, but no worries." (I say with the morning breath of death, the wreak of phantom breath.
"You're off to school today, right? It's Wednesday, right?"

"YEAH! AND I have to run or I'll be LATE!" He says, loudly.

"Sorry about not giving you notice, but like I said, I have no access to using a phone."

Jimmy leaves off to his Wednesday class of Union Plumbing school. (not sure if that's the correct name, but that's what we'll call it here.)

Jimmy can't use a phone because he's presently in between places of residence. He's living in one of those extended stay places that charges you $25 up front for your room phone. Unfortunately for him, he's in a rough financial position, so $25 is something that isn't available to him. Why don't I just have him live here? Why can't he move home?

ah-hah my dear readers, that's for some other post.

Anyhow, Jorge is here.
The constant doorbell ringing woke up Sullivan and Jackson quite early.

In a matter of 15minutes from now-at roughly 8:45am, I'll be watching my neighbors little 2 year old son so that she (mom) can go help out in her older childs classroom for the morning. (Until Noon today)

So far this morning,

I've been dream interrupted.
I've dealt with two very cranky early risers.

I've pulled a Lincoln log green roof stick away from Jorge as he was gnawing away at it in our kitchen.

AND, my usual favorite mug -my first cup of the day coffee- was cold before I got halfway through it.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
It's going to be a lonnnnnnnnngggggggggggg day..I just hope it's not too hectic.


Anonymous said...

seriously!! nice dream...i guess i know where your thoghts have been lately.. have a good one.


KYRIE said...

The nephewdog is really ugly :)
Sorry, been in a bad mood.

Have fun with the clan!

Portia said...

oh but those boys are SUCH cutiepatooties!! so how is the day going so far?? that dream was really...dreamy:) i hope it hasn't been too hectic for you & maybe a lil naptime will even sneak in there... or does that not happen? i guess it's not real likely with your boys, babysitting another, AND dogsitting (or do you prefer nephewsitting?)!
well, crusty, i'm feelin for you, cause nobody in our house is happy when they've got to get up early, and coffee needs to be hot or its just NOT RIGHT.
wondering about chickentracks... i haven't had time to work on anything new so i thought i'd slap something old up there, but then i thought maybe i should just put it on my blog?? i dunno where that's headed... but i did start ANOTHER, called the padded room just for venting. i need a place like that so i don't scare you all away.


anonBDD: it's just a's a dream about like Sela Ward and Selma Blair? I'll take Pitt and Dempsey and Clooney, and Harry Connick J, and YOU!! :)

Kyrie: I hope you feel better..bad moods suck..nephewdog Jorge is so ugly he's cute

Portia: I like that, the padded room..can I have an invite to that one? My mornings are sacred..if I don't get in my qt time, than I'm stuck...and cranky..
:)I have some stories too, for Chicken Tracks..we just have to get it going! :)

Andrew said...

I love the DOG!!!!!!! Ha ha, he is so cute. I am such a softie for pups. I really love your music selectioins Crusty Beefy. I find myself stopping in just to listen. I am listening to Enya as I write this. Take care gentle soul and I hope your day goes well. Your friend,

Jonathon Andrew

muse said...

What a busy day. Good luck.

Beefcake Almighty said...

I guess it beats having dreams about your proctologist.


andrew: Hey there! I hope things are getting lighter for you and Kyrie and Soul-it's been a rough week + for you all!! I'm glad you like the tunes..every song I have on here (and there's about 50+_ speaks to me in someway-by the tune, tone, words, rhythm..I love's always been my passion to move along to all types. You can scroll down and see the rest of the tunes by clicking on the last or first song..or just refresh the blog.
Hope you're not sleeping way the day yet-hows the new medicine?

BeefieA!!: What up man? Yeah, that'd suck..course if I was GREEK, than it'd be a normal course of nature. (all in good humor..I'm not judging.. :)..hee-hee)


tex said...

HUH????? My head is spinning after reading that.....

SOUL: said...

geesh.. now that i read through all the comments... i forgot what the post said !!!!
oh well... cold coffee and dentist dreams, cranky crusy kids, and surprise nephewdog, ummm, oh and you got COLD busted by the bigdogg haha.

that's about all i remember
caaaatch meeeeeee

austere said...

NO. that's it.
hrrmph on being put upon and :)) for making me laugh too, maybe we should parcel across Akshay Khanna and his lovely dimpled smile as well.

Another cuppa? The day'll get better by and by.


Muse: It's always hectic over here..but we always manage!!
May your name be inscribed and sealed in the book of life!! :)

tex: What don't you get? What's making your head spin? The kids, dog, dream, hot men, or coffee?

Soul: I had to read your comment out loud to bigdogg and we were both cracking up. I guess it's safe to say that we have good communication-uh-oh so does that mean we lack in um, other things? :)COLD BUSTED!!-HAHAHA..I LOVE THat..I think I may have to use that on the kids..

Austie: Skshay Khanna-WOW! He's quite a looker! Very very atractive, that dark hair, those eyes..hmm, he needs to come to the states-he'll give Pitt a run for his money...
The day did get better, thank you!!


SOUL: said...

i'm glad you got a laugh on a weepy day crusty...
get some sleep, and smoke with me in the mornin.
hack hack
soul kid got me sick...cigs just arent the same with a sore throat. crap!