Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Spent over an hour in my "Gynie" office today. She "thinks" I have a ruptured cyst.

Will be following her orders for a pelvic ultrasound, (never thought I'd see an ultrasound machine again...hee-hee) at the hospital.

Be back tomorrow.- That's the plan, at least.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Damn Pam failed to tell me she brought along a broken loser that didn't win the race.


Portia said...

aw, crusty, i'm so sorry!! that really stinks. kudos om maintaining your sense of humor;) i hope everything goes OK and you get home and get some rest and maybe even get a little pampered:)
you will be missed, but i will look forward to hearing from you when you make it back!

tex said...

Prayers are with ya!!

Andrew said...

The Great Crusty!

Sorry to hear of that. You are in my thoughts good friend. What am I going to do without my daily dose of Crusty? I will just think good thoughts of you until you return. Give the kids and the hub a hug and hang in there!

KYRIE said...

Oh dear. I wish you good health, crusty my friend. Take care. I will be thinking of you. You are always there for everyone, you are such a good friend.

SOUL: said...

holy crap crusty... glad you listened to your own instincts and not my advice. geesh. i hope all is ok. let us know as soon as you can ok?
btw.. this ultrasound is liable to be different than what you're used to. so "be prepared'.
prayers, and hugz!

Cheryl said...

Gosh, I go away for 5 minutes and look what happens. It's not like I don't come here all the time! Sorry I wasn't there for you. Does the Darvocet help? Can you still do the things you have to do? And, how come so late on Friday?

Did you have plans to see family for the holiday tomorrow?

austere said...

Hope all is sort of ok and you've been resting some.
I dont like the seven days at all. but if tht is what is, then that is.

Horrified at the blood loss. Is a procedure scheduled?


Portia: Haahahah, yeah it's been sort of a pain,but I have three boys to care for, what can I do, and complaining about it doesn't make it go away..damn annoying bugger.

Tex: thanks CHIII !!! Oh, and, is that all you can muster up when you hear talk of female drama? I bet you passed the screen to your wife to read, right? eh?

Andrew: There's some doses up now, my friend!! Hope all is well over in ALi for you-it's been quite chilly here-almost time for the heat to be turned on. I'm standing, I'm back and I'm mommy-hear mommy ROAR!! :) Thank you for the sweet comment, by the way.. :)

Kyrie: I'm doing better, thanks, Kyrie. But how are you? Have you gotten that call out of your system yet? I hope things are improving for you-I'll be stopping over in a bit. I'll be the one in a pink robe-probably the only PINK in my house-this pepto pink robe. Hope you're doing well!!

Soul: Stupid things!! Yeah, the pelvic exam-definitely different, those exams...makes you squirm, huh? The wand of imaginging. Hugzs back.

Cheryl: That's alright, you've got an older daughter to take care of. I'm sure it'll settle down soon over here, and this morning, I'm much better than I was yesterday-the wait and see approach works well!!
Thanks for the New Years wishes-you and austie are so sweet!! We are laying low. Next Saturday we'll be breaking the fast in the city with bigdogg's boss and her husband and children, and a one more married couple-dad's Catholic, Mom's Jewish..hahah..See?Coexist, right? THanks for the well wishes!
L'Shanna Tov!

austere: Nothing but an ultrasound is scheduled yet. I'm taking the wait and see aproach, no need to race into surgery with three little ones to concern myself with..I'm just going to remain hopefull that this funky cold midena will decide not to try and fix herself. :)


SOUL: said...

blah..still shovin the sammich..almost done...very full...but it was goooood.