Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What Would You Do?

Do you recall as a child, or for those of you with children now, all those fundraisers that they'd be asked to involve themselves with? You remember, those catalogs that would be sent home with the kids in their "Friday Folder?"

Usually it's Holiday Wrapping paper, Gourmet Chocolates, Pizza's, jewel studded stationery-those nuisances.

But, where's the first place, or who's the first person you'd ask?

If you asked, of course...

...perhaps if they'd be interested in some exquisite gift wrap?...

...or impressed with delicious taste, would they desire some freshly made chocolates?

All these fund raisers are part of the child/teenager/tweens journey during school.
Rest assured, these fundraisers pretty much draw to a close when the kids hit their college years.

All these fund raisers are also a part of the parents lives, especially with children in elementary school. So what am I supposed to do, as a parent, when the PTA sends home information on the school's fall fundraiser?

Do I throw out the information?
Do I buy one item and then send it back to school with my son on Monday?
Do I ask my close family and friends if they'd be interested in contributing to Jack's school via chocolate covered coconuts, and peeking snowmen wrapping paper?

Oh, did I mention that there is incentives for the children to raise X amount of money? Because naturally 50% of the sales goes towards the PTA of the school.

Incentives such as puzzles, gift cards to Best Buy, Target, and maybe even an MP3 player...

Lastly, are you the buyer, supposed to feel obligated to get that Crewel embroidery gift wrap?

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Your thoughts are needed in this, please.
Here's what I remember doing with these things as a child: I'd bring home my fundraiser catalog and present it to my mom. She'd order oodles of items, and then give me the okay to go to selective neighbors on our street. She'd also okay the use of the telephone so I could contact my family members. (WOW, before APPLE -Green Screens- computers ever existed.)
And there were contests for the students back than-who can sell the most pizza's-I did win that bad boy, what was it, 300pizza's I sold? Now I'm off to verify that number with my momBee.....


captain corky said...

I don't know about you, but I'd be willing to off somebody for a 50 dollar Target gift card. That place is my home away from home. I kind of wish they had better fishing stuff though.

I haven't encountered any fundraisers yet, but the company I work for urges us, strongly, to donate a certain amount of money to the United Way every year.

Anonymous said...

Crusty has developed quite a following for her blog. I see that you all have noticed her talent, her wit, her heart.

Crusty is a person that always, and I mean ALWAYS, puts others before herself. In two days, she threw together a phenomenal get-together for over 30 people while in unremitting pain and parenting three children under the age of 5. That is ASTOUNDING!! At the party she served as hostess, cook, entertainer, confidante, mother, babysitter, and social coordinator. If you need someone to talk to, she's there (and does it damn well, too). If you need a laugh, she can make that happen. If you need work done, she's fast and effective. She's pretty, intuitive, fun, funny, kind, generous, talented, inspiring, understanding. She knows the differnece between right and wrong, and she'll let you know, too, if you're hurting someone.

Many of you have written that her kids are lucky to have her, and they certainly are. But what I wanted to add is that I think it's the world that's lucky to have Crusty in it. It's a better place to live because she's in it.


Captain Corky, ask anyone that knows me and they'll tell you I LOVE Target..especially now that they host Starbucks!!
So, where should I mail your contributed Superman $10 16X20 roll of Wrapping paper?

Anon: OH my gosh, that is the sweetest thing that I've heard today..That was a beautiful comment, anon, you ever think of writing? You should start your own blog..I'd visit everyday!! Course, which one of my very few fellow CBfamily member/readers said this?
you know me, and you must know that the SUSPENSE is driving me mad!! :) I love what you wrote and it means the world to me, and it was so nice and wonderful to hear that today-so, to my anon, thank you very much, I needed to hear this today!!!
Love you, my anon, Love you!



P.S. There would have been zero chance of me pulling off a fun day, without all the help from my bigdogg-I'm a lucky Girl (sounds like Olive Oyl!)

Anonymous said...

Big Dog is the lucky one. You did everything the right way with the fundraiser.... The party rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



It was all your idea, BDD!! It was fun, wasn't it? Too bad I didn't kick your rear at the bags tourney..maybe we should have been a team that day, eh? :)
love you,

Anonymous said...

we should have...WE are a great team...

Portia said...

that sounds about right...friends, neighbors, anybody close enough to you won't mind, or if they have done it themselves then they know:)
have a great evening crusty!!

SOUL: said...

throw the crap in the trash, and come smoke.
they never give the kids anything that's worth their trouble, time, or safety anyhow.
although, it is good for them to be motivated. but these things are a big rip off these days and no one even opens their door anymore..unless its girl scout cookies.
c ya

Cheryl said...

HI Crusty...I too think you're great, btw.

I usually will buy one thing from Emily's fundraisers. Same with neighbor's kids. I'll have her circle the cul-de-sac. Her father buys stuff. I'd rather just write a check to the school and be done with the fundraisers. I do love the Sally Foster paper.


BDD;that we are my woof woof, that we are.

Portia:Hope you had a great evening too!! I can't wait for you to get into the office to see your email regarding the CT's!!

Soul: Throw it out? or should I use that as the wrapping paper, instead of buying it. I hope you're doing okay. You don't seem like your usual self..what's up? Send me an email and let me know everythings okay-got it birdie? :)
I LOVE GIRLSCOUT Cookies-the butter ones, and the carmel delight ones there's one other one and I'm drawing a blank now..soab!

Jack will have to hold off on the street home visits as of yet, but I did send out a standard email to family/friends letting them know that if they wanted but are not obligated type deals.
hmm, Sally Foster, I wonder if thats on there, it's through innisbrook wraps.
btw: I think you're greater!!! :) hee-hee.


SOUL: said...

ooooooh....carmel delight... my favorites
i'm stahvin!!!!
ps..yes keep the samples...throw the rest away!!!