Saturday, September 22, 2007

Worth Looking Into

Available, Ready and Worth looking into.

That's how I felt about an email I received through my Crustybeef email.
The email is from this company called Bloggerwave.
I don't know how many of you out in this land are in search of ways to add more $$$ or pennies to your income. Bloggerwave

Probably because I am a Stay at home mom, I am always looking for ways to help with my lack of $$ that ISN'T being brought to the Crustyland table. It's frustrating at times, being just the stay at HOMER!! It's rewarding, but, I feel guilty when we look into purchases-even milk and hazelnut creamer, because I'm not the one out there working to earn it.

I Do dream though. I have dreams of having my name listed on children's books. I dream of becoming so many things. I'm always researching, searching, hoping for opportunities.
The creme du the brulee of opportunites have yet to present themselves to me, but I have faith that they will. I have to have hope. I have to have dreams.

Some of my past work experiences? HAHAHA...there are some that I'll list here that you'll think to yourself, "HER?" "She did THAT?"
Here are some:
Not in any specific order-or are they? :)..

1. surgical aid (I used to want to be a doctor-until I realized that doctors aren't connected soulfully to their patients..that wasn't something I could manage. I was one of "those" that would stop off after a little guy had an appendectomy and bring by balloons for him while he recovered. I saw and participated in everything from organ donation, ectopic pregnancies requiring a DnC, Open Heart Surgeries, Penile Surgeries, (there's a rather blotchy story about that!! Ask, and I'll tell you about it!) c-sections of triple births, you name it, if it had surgery in it's name, I probably saw it. I was just the "aid." But for any major surgery like Open Heart or Back or neurological surgeries anyone assigned to the case was required to remain in the surgical room until completion of the surgery. I loved being in that world. The "I can help in anyway I can," world. I'd take call (11pm-7am) and work all night for those emergency surgeries ( I only experienced one gun shot wound surgery, remember, this town is rather "safe." And I never worked any surgery where someone passed away on the table. The strangest surgery I was a part of was the organ donation-she was a young girl-that was tough. But I excelled. As I was saying, I'd take call as often as I could, and there were many nights that my call hours would roll into the start of my 7am-3pm day shift. I took Holiday call for the amount of money that I was paid, and I loved every minute of it. BUT! The doctors were arrogant shits that thought nothing of you, unless you allowed their sexual commentary. The nurses were sweet (unless they were the ones that were sleeping with the surgeons. Then, you'd want to stay away.)

The part that drove me from this hopeful career was the fact that there was zero warmth. At that time I was 19, so my outlook on life was different. I couldn't understand why you wouldn't want to be more passionate with the patients. Now, I understand why. As a friend of mine that is a fire fighter and EMT in Miami Florida once told me, "you're trained never to look into the eyes of the person in need. When you view their eyes, when you look into the eyes of someone that is about to move on from this world, you can see into their soul. And if you see into their soul before they pass, most likely certain aspects will haunt you. You have to detach yourself from them. Look at them as something that you're trying to save, but never ever connect with them. Living or those that are preparing to move towards heavens gates-you look into their eyes, it'll pain you in ways you'll never know." Makes sense. I give her credit for seeing the things shes seen-especially the area she's at-she sees death quite often. I wouldn't be able to handle that. So for that I am grateful to have been led away from that type of "career."

2. Waitress-strictly for nightclubs and lounges..we had quite a good time, my former bar coworkers! In fact, I've remained friends with a few of them. You may think, a girl, age 19 and up shouldn't be working in a bar environment. Sure, maybe not. Especially a girl that was raised with a strong Christian faith, had parents that kept the reins pulled tight, and being the oldest of 5 children, obviously I was the gopher for experience for my parents. BUT! Here's how I saw it: I witnessed firsthand all the crazy things that drunk 20-30 somethings did. I made decent money as a waitress, and although I was in that "environment," it wasn't until I was 21 that I actually began to drink. So, I wasn't THAT BAD! I had the highest revenue in alcohol sales, I played shot girl, and would occasionally help out and be that rose selling girl-I made these establishments money, mainly just by acting outgoing.

3. CarSales "person."- I Did that for many years. I had quite a few experiences with that industry. Mainly due to the types of people I came across. I was very successful in this industry, mainly because I did it my "own way." I put myself into the buyers shoes. Sure I was hounded at times by the General manager when I first started my career in cars, but after awhile they learned my style, and grew to love my style because of the strong positive feedback. The courtesy and grace as they would put it, that I treated my guests with. I loved working in that industry. If it weren't for the market now, the types of "men" that swarm that industry, and the intense hours, I'd return to it in a heart beat. I always managed to be either the top salesman or at least in the top 3. I excelled. Thinking back, it blows my mind at what the job required. You had to walk up to complete strangers, ask them for money, and ask them to sign their name for a minimum of 12mos for a car-mostly 60-72months. Before I forget:

1.(Please, never finance a car for 72months, you're hurting yourself if you do)
2.Ask to see the invoice of a new car purchase.
3.Negotiate the advertising and destination charges (which range in price per model, but generally anywhere from 400-1500$$) on the invoice
4.Ask to look at a New vehicle that has been on the lot the longest (the longer a car sits on a lot, 5.the longer the dealer has to pay "ins" on it.-the quicker they're willing to get rid of it.)
6.Shop towards the end of the month, when the stores are pushing to hit their monthly quotas.
7. Shop for a new vehicle when the new year models are beginning to hit the stores. *varies based on model-check with your dealer for more information)
8. Never ever go to a dealership on a Saturday if you're just beginning to shop. Saturdays are their busiest days!
9. If you're in a budget and you can only afford a certain amount monthly, don't bicker about the trade in value they're giving for you car. It doesn't matter really. What matters is your payment..focus on what's most important to you.
10. If you're not 100% sure, than don't buy it.
11. Check with your local bank or credit union before shopping to have your own range of financing..odds are they'll negotiate more.
12. Never buy Gap insurance on the car.
13. On any used car, request a mechanic (of your choice) to view the car. Unless a car accident is registered repaired by the cars vin #, there's no way a dealership really knows if the cars been in a wreck or not.
14. Open up the hood, and look around the outside frame of the inside of the hood (near the engine-does the paint look lighter? Does it have drips? Chances are, it was in an accident.
15. Same thing with inside the doors of the car, if the paints a different shade-you have to assume a car accident.
16. For more tips, seek me via email..I'd be happy to help out.


Another job I had was training all sales people for their careers in cruises. I worked right in the Port of Miami overlooking the port where the main large Cruise ships would depart from. The company was Royal Caribbean and Celebrity cruises lines.

So, you can see, the adjustment I made leaving the sales driven work field, the people person world has made an impact in my life. On one side I crave adult contact, I crave that working world. But the other side of me fears that interaction. I would get blotchy when in a negotiating confrontation, and I have to say, wearing turtle necks in Miami seemed silly. But, when I had to stand up and run a 6week training class with 45+ people, I was a bit anxious. I was successful, but I did fret and worry about things while at home.


I miss work. I wish I could work. Daycare is just not worth it-3 children in daycare? Around here, for a decent center, you're looking at a min of $1800-um, point, if you ask me.

So, in the meantime I search for opportunities. I came across bloggerwave. This company works with advertisers and bloggers as a way to generate ads as well as a way to make money.

It's paid based on what "jobs" you take, and are accepted to take according to your rating and ranks. It's worth looking into for those of you that are looking to bring in something. It doesn't happen over night, but, like I said, it's definitely worth looking into.

Since Saturdays are generally quiet in this blogging world, pop over there to bloggerwave and take a look. I've included a link for you to make it easier for you.
All you need is a paypal account, and zoomafoo, they'll deposit your earnings at the end of each month. I keep saying it, but it's worth looking into!!!!

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Smoke again, anyone? Cherry flavored, menthol, cigars, whatever!! you bring them over, I'll supply the birds, the chairs, the quiet of our home being that our two children won't be back home from their cousins night until after lunch.

Sigh, I've forgotten what this was like..


muse said...

I'm nervous abouty those things.
I use the money, very little comes in, from the ads on my blog for charity.

Palm Springs Savant said...

thanks for the info...I'll have to check it out!


Muse: hmmm, what makes you nervous about it? I'm curious as I'm a novice to this sort of thing.
Hope you had a quick fast!! :)

PSS: as if you have anymore time on your hands..BUT!! Maybe Dr. Wang could gill around on it? :)
I LOVED The pics,btw! very cool hotel!


SOUL: said...

i'm drinkin cofeeeee, and lightin a cigarettttttte..... come over heah...

interesting chain of careers here. i like the surgery thing. and you definitely have the compassion for it. but i see why it wasn't your place to stay. the medical community really needs more people like you. as you can see from my experiences... many are only in it for the cash... and they help no one.

the sales.... i can see ... but the anxiety...yep.. that would make ME blotchy! :))

soulkid has a blotchy thing... imagine our teasing wen she has a blotch on her neck! she hates it , but we get a chuckle . evil-soul parents!

ok.. cruisin on down the road.

KYRIE said...

Wow Crusty, u have gone through such an interesting journey! I enjoyed reading about all ur jobs and experiences. Frm the medical parts right to working near the port.
I am ship crazy myself, always staring at sea for hours growing up!
Great to read another side of u!


kyrie: it's been interesting these past 32years of my life, that's for sure!! :)
I LOVE THE ocean..but I feel as though we shouldn't intrude on the life beneath. :)

Cheryl said...

Very interesting resume. You've done a lot more than me. I've always worked with the 'public', though, and have been at my current job for 20 years. It's been good. I still get 'blotchy' at times.

I checked out Gloggerwave. Good luck with that. Will we be able to tell when you're writing for them?

Portia said...

i love hearing about the jobs you've had...all the experiences that bring us to the crusty we know and love today:) good luck with the bloggerwave!