Friday, November 30, 2007


Yesterday, Thursday, I had a couple of what I would call, crustybeef cry breakdowns. It was very intense and I will write about it eventually, but as of right now the memory of those odd depressive tears are just too fresh in my mind. So, if it's okay with you guys, I'd much rather focus on today, Friday, and even though it's only about 6:30am, I already have so many fabulous things to write about today....and I'm very happy too!

(Pic taken out our family room window looking at some of the trees in our backyard, camera aimed up. Oh before I forget, there is a snow storm advisory for this weekend- beginning tomorrow late afternoon-brrrrrrr. Today? Bright and opaque as of the present time, you know the way the sky looks when snow is hiding somewhere up in the clouds northwest.)

Moving onto Sullivan.....

Bigdogg took Sullivan to get his haircut a couple of weeks ago. Now, backpedaling a bit, it is usually I that has that task, and after many horrible experiences at different shops, many horrible cuts, (CHERYL I NEED YOU!!) I've finally found the perfect place for him to get his hair done-at the barber shop. The same shop my dad goes to as did my Grandpa when he was alive. The inside of this barber shop is covered with old newspaper clippings of our towns former athletes, and new budding ones. The guys have all the old nostalgic knick knacks, and I really enjoy going in there, telling Jim L to cut it like he cuts my fathers hair, or perhaps sometimes I'll tell Jim, "could you give it that 50's boy cut, with it long on top, not a bowl cut," but, well, my point is, he understands exactly what I'm talking about. Remember, he cuts my dads hair. Matter of fact, each time he cuts Jacksons hair, he always laughs, telling me that Jacks hair is just like my dads.

Lucky for Jackson, my dad in his mid 50's, still has a full head of hair. Bigdogg is equally grateful for this gene being passed down onto our sons, as his hair is (and he will admit this so it's no surprise) basically bowling alley thin.
Anyhow, since I wasn't up to driving yet having just had surgery a few days earlier, Bigdogg assumed the hair task, and took Sullivan to get his mangy mane trimmed and cutie-fied. Only he didn't take him to the barber shop. I had received a FREE HAIRCUT coupon in the mail by a franchise called, Sports Clips. According to Bigdoggs description of the place I pictured it as the same set up as Great Clips,or SuperCuts, but with the stylists wearing ref uniforms, flat plasmas on walls so the men can watch their ESPN, and for the grown up guys, they'll give you the head massage. (CUT THE SMIRKING, geesh!)
Bigdogg figured why pay the expensive price at the barber ($14.50, and yes, to us to spend that much on a 3 year old who's hair has yet to prove it's FULL self worth like the older brothers mop) when we have a free coupon and the price of the barber cut isn't including the nice tip either. But my reasoning is, look, we don't have girls, so what's $14.50 plus tip every 8weeks in the long run? It's cut right, done the old school way, and professional mind you, and not by someone that unfortunately I can barely understand nor understands my directions of how I'd like it cut.

Bigdogg decided to try this Sports clips store out, using the FREE COUPON, on our dear Guinea pig-uh, I mean, on our dear middle son, and sure as this:

Harry: I expected the Rocky Mountains to be a little rockier than this.
Lloyd: I was thinking the same thing. That John Denver's full of shit, man....

Our Sullivan came home with a very short cut resembling Lloyd Christmas.
I guess you get what you pay for. Or should I say, get what is free for?
Around 6:30am this morning found only Lloyd-uh I mean- Sullivan and I up.
So the conversation evolved into this, which I wish I had captured on a video camera, oh the way he says things:

**We were talking about Christmas and about the decorations I had put up yesterday and that carried on to him asking us to go to the store to order the Christmas tree right then and there.**
So naturally I explained that we'll do that this weekend with daddy, and we'll go pick out the most perfect, Charlie Brown Christmas Tree to put in front of all the living room furniture that the kids and I call the front room. I then told him it wouldn't be fair to go to the store to buy a tree without daddy being with us. I took it a step further and told him that all the Christmas tree's are still sleeping, and their caretaker is still dreaming. He hasn't woke up yet to start giving trees to families that will treat them with love so they blossom into a warm beautiful full tree-hence the Charlie Brown Tree. When I go Christmas Tree shopping, I look for the one that seems to be "alive." The one with the SOUL!!The one that has been stuck back in a corner, left alone, the one that gives my heart that pull of, "awww, look at that poor tree, all alone, and not as big as the rest, the runt, all she/he needs is some sugar water and she'll glow love from her pine needles."***
Here is the conversation that followed from that long run on rant:

LloydSulli: "On our tree for Christmas we'll have candy cans."
Crusty: "Yup, and what else do you want to have on our tree, or think we should put on our tree?"
Lloyd Sulli: "umm, we have to put the fruit on it, and order men's and candles on the top cause it's a birthday present."

See how adorable he is? Remember, he's only 3 (July 1st 2004) , I know he was into Christmas last year, at 2, but the memory of it I would gather is quite hazy, so this year it's much more real to his budding mind. His chocolate coated coco puff eyes get big and you can see him downloading what I'm saying as I tell him about "Santa coming down our Chimney and than he climbs quietly out of our fire place to stick special goodies in their stockings, and then he'll creep through the house as long as everyone is sleeping, lay gifts under the tree as a way of saying thank you for being a good child this year. But with the remember to say happy birthday to the person that wants you to have those gifts, and to always remember why we're celebrating Christmas."

And that my dear readers is why today has started off to be such a FABULOUS ALL THINGS CHRISTMAS FRIDAY.

Welcome To Crustybeef~

SEE what I mean? Lloyd Christmas!!
Yes, that's my leopard slippers that I've spoken of before, giving him an airplane ride later that day-no need to remind me that I should have been resting and not "lifting," I already know that. I had to crop out my legs due to how unshaven and crusty they were, lest I risk losing readers. :)
He's asking for my special french toast for breakfast, So I'd best be on my way:
(I mix vanilla extract and cinnamon and a dash of dark brown sugar in the egg batter)

*there's not a day that goes by that I don't spill something on either me, the counter, the floor..some would say it's me not being careful, but I say it's just me being me. Crusty much? (yes that's powdered sugar on the heated maple syrup-when you heat the syrup it tastes better-go figure!)


Mary said...

Lordy, lordy do I ever remember the haircut days at the "barby slop" (as both boys said). One loved it the other hated it. It was never dull.

I really like the way you speak of Christmas and the three year old expectations for the tree. Wonderful post.

The Real Mother Hen said...

The Christmas tree comment from Llyod kid is so funny :)
This is going to be a fun year for everyone in the Custy land :)

Andrew said...

Lloyd!!!!!!!!!! Where have you been? The music that was playing as I read this made me laugh so hard. I love you Crusty. You always make me smile. Andrew out.

SNOW???????????? SNOW??????????? *sniffs* We don't get no stinkin' snow. We just get boring rain.

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! I remember when I came home and we first realized the resemblance to Mr. Christmas!!! I am tearing at work. Poor sully...Anyways This is a great time of year and I happy that you are having a better day..


Portia said...

MM-HMM! Warm syrup:) Boy the blogs are making my hungry today! I loved the story of the conversation you shared with your dear little Lloyd.. ahem, I mean Sulli!! ;)
I hope you guys have a great weekend saving that ugly sapling from the dark corner of the tree lot, propping him up in Crustyville, and watching him sprout into a lovely spruce:)

Kelly Jene said...

Yummmm... that looks good!

Your little boy is so stinkin cute even with the funky cut. It adds to his character. ;)

I hope you enjoy the snow. I'm hoping against it here... ugh. No snow!!

And as for the cropped legs... I am sooo not one to judge. That's why you'll never see my legs either. :D

Anonymous said...

Ha the hair cut is cute! But does looke like Lloyd...LOL..and the frech toast looks Yuhmmy!

tex said...

Hate to throw a wrench in the works, but male pattern baldness comes from EITHER side...the mom's side is a wive's tale...
Thanx for tonight, crusty....It was a wonderful time.

Portia said...

I hope you are feeling good and having a great weekend!
Later gator:)

SOUL: said...

hey there crusty girl--- all sounds great--- cept yesterdays tears. something in the air maybe? geesh.
anyhow.. wanna come make me breakfast? coffees on.
hope you have a great day.

Cheryl said...

I had a big smile on my face when I read this post. I didn't know who Lloyd Christmas was till I saw the picture. Perfect. Jim Jr. At least it's just hair.

I love french toast with almond extract. Yum. Haven't had that in ages.

Got a laugh with the leg hair. Mine matches yours!

captain corky said...

Can I have your sons shirt when he out grows it? First for Max and then for me. But I'll need to lose a few pounds first. ;)

I hope you had a good weekend and are feeling better.


Mary: THANK YOU!!! You really helped out! I can't thank you enough-thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!! :)

The Real Hen: HAHAH! It should be interesting that's for sure...ordermen's...HA!

Andrew: It's very cold here today. Thankfully I had just bought the bigdog a ninja looking hat being that he walks to the train everymorning..and today when I opened up the door to say hurt my skin the bitterness. What song was playing when you came over? HAHAHA! LLOYD! He does look like Lloyd eh? I'm glad we're pals, dear "4th!"

anon: Because of you I am.

Portia: We spent all weekend decorating indoors...if it wasn't so cold I'd be outside but it's too chilly today. and another snow advisory tomorrow. :)

Kelly Jene: And does he ever have gosh he does!

jyankee: I have always enjoyed french toast from home, but the trick is to buy bread that isn't soo fresh to begin with..I like my french toast crispy-ha..or should I say, crusty??

Tex: BAHUMBUG! There is no baldness on my side-well, my mom's dad was bald..but that's the only one! You're just bummed you had to have ML's instead of CHIV's. :)

Soul: I think you would enjoy my crescent roll eggs and sausage for breakfast! I have bring donuts..and I'll warm the garage for you so it's not cold! :)for smokes and chokes...
no, I'm still not on the smoking wagon...

Cheryl: It just seems appropriate with the cold temps to insulate myself with the fur of the legs! :) Where are your hair magic scissors when I need them? Poor Lloyd. :) hahaha.

Portia: Your food looked delicious fyi on thanksgiving!! I love the pics! especially the one with the bottle of wine near the hazelnut candle. :)

capt: You're welcome to the shirt when Ben has had his turn with it..three sons means I get to do the handdown thing with all of them. But I will be happy to start a hero pile for you!!! :)


austere said...

Loved the decription of his eyes and all- I could see it! Great post, crusty.

I think the haircut is CUTE. Sheepish grin, eh?