Sunday, December 09, 2007

Fun With Family

(This pup is always outside, and they leave their gates open, almost tempting the unwanted from stepping foot on their heated driveway. I don't think Santa has a chance in this home. The kids and I call him Reggie-he just sits there, and stares at everyone that walks or drives by.)

(See our mommoville sitting in the driveway?-footprints of "Saint Nick" visiting our home and hiding candy in the kids shoes)

(the snow beginning to blanket our driveway, started in the evening, leaving flickering fairies glistening and floating in the air above the sugar glazed blanket.)

(Families hiring plow trucks to plow their driveways. I use the old school method, hard work, sweat and shovels. Au natural, and simplistic.)

Garbage day, poor guys, and I forgot my sticker, but the garbage man still took our rubbish anyways. (*Note to self: need to get gift for our loyal garbage man.)

On the winding road behind my home to Sullivan's Preschool

Neighborhoods full of snow!

(Still that powdered sugar/ floured look before the salt trucks turn it to grey mush.)

(I think I'll frame this one, something about the straight path cleaned with the beauty on either side balancing out the powdered trees.)
My sister in law is in town visiting us from Florida, and I've been busy with her, and having fun eating cookies, baking delicious "turtles" (which I did capture in pictures and will have up in an upcoming post) and lots of funnies and giggles!

We're taking the boys bowling today, as it's blustery, cold, and later on there will be that nasty freezing rain,we're getting out of the house while we can. So I must go polish my old bowling shoes and for now I will leave you with pictures of lots of snow from this past weeks first snow storm of the year.


Mary said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of real snow. I remember how the cold wind bites when you're shoveling; how dangerous the roads can be when travelers are reckless; and still I miss it.

Andrew said...

I got so excited when I saw.... SNOW PICTURES! hehe I am like a kid at Christmas. IT looks so beautiful there, but the streets seem treacherous. Hooray for salt trucks -- something they don't have here. Have fun bowling and thank you for the update. You and your wonderful words have been missed in the blogosphere! Take care dear friend!


tex said...

I love the snow, until I have to fire up my rig in it.....Great pix, Crusty.

SOUL: said...

the pics are really pretty... but i gotta say --- i'm glad i'm not there! :)) thanks for the peek tho.
we may get a little here, hard to say - but it sure is COLD!
cold makes me mean. :((
got coffee?
less go

The Real Mother Hen said...

So much snow! :)
The neighborhood picture and the last one are really good :)
Hope you stay warm and well...

Palm Springs Savant said...

love-love-love-the pics. and the song too!

austere said...

Completely beautiful.
Just look at the light!

Thank you for sharing, Crusty.

Cheryl said...

Your snow pictures are beautiful. Isn't if great that we live all over the country (and out of it) and have become close through this thing called a blog? There you are in Chicago and I'm in Maryland, and we're sharing our winter.

And a heated driveway? I've never heard of that. My neighbor has a very powerful snow blower and loves to do driveways. Thank you Kelly.

Have a great Monday!

Portia said...

How exciting! The first snow! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures:) Your neighborhood is lovely...especially under a "sugar glazed blanket" :)
Turtles + bowling sound like the fixins for the perfect Sunday. I hope it was:)

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Recognizing the beauty of the snow seems to be another thing we have in common, Crusty. I wouldn't live without it. Diane

Kelly Jene said...

Gorgeous pictures, Crusty! It almost makes me want it to snow more here. Almost.

But not quite.


Mike said...

Great photos, Crusty. I love it when even the roads are still white with snow and the whole world looks transformed and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

i love the photos... i wish we had snow here!

Dan said...

Bowling. Now that's something I haven't done in years ... if you don't count bowling online! :)

Kelly Jene said...

"Calms Forte" by Hylands is what Anonymous Boxer found at her health food store. Hylands products are really good.

I hope you sleep better! Take care.


Mary: don't forget about how your nose turns into a colinder of melting snot that freezes above your upper lip! :) heehee!

Andrew: It's crappy out today-tuesday..raining which means bad ice later..I'll be inside after I get Jack from school without a doubt....salt trucks do make the snow ugly though.. grrrr.. (CHUCKLES!!)

tex: Why? i thought your truck is the monster grave digger that delves his paws into anything? is it turning into a sally? :)

Soul: and I definitely don't want to be on your bad side and see the soul mean! :) is pretty though. I know, all you need is a snow globe!

The REAL hen: Oh, I am warm..I bundle up in clothes and turn down the heat in the house..the utility bills are crazy with the gas prices... snuggled and warm in my robe.

PSS: What song was playing when you read the post? I'm curious? Does the weather remind you of the days past in CHitown?

austie: It was my pleasure, you are definitely welcome!

Cheryl: I think about that all the time...we share the weather, and all of us fall asleep sharing the sun and moon...very very warm comment, thank yoU!! Definitely needed it today-tuesday.-

Portia: when I was making the turtles I thought of you and I figured you'd love to make them..go figure! !:)

Diane VF: It is such a pleasure to see it, isn't it? To witness all that nature gives us? even when we tire of it!!! Yes, lots of commons between us! :)

Kelly J: hahaha..are you sure? I'd be happy to let you have some of the snow here..but I think you'll have to fight Andrew for it!! :)

Mike: Oh you are so right! It's so peaceful and still and tucks the noises of the community away under it's blankets of fluff!!

Jyankee: But at least you have some memories of it, right? That's good! I have a good idea for a company to solve everyones issues with snow. :) hahah

Dan: Online bowling..hmmm...never seen it...interesting..any links you'd like to send our way to look into? Thanks for stopping over by the way!!

Kelly J: Thank you very much! I'll have to thank anonbxr for mentioning it too!!
Happy Tuesday!!

abbagirl74 said...

The pictures are breathtaking. Thanks for reminding me to leave my postman and garbage man a Christmas card.