Monday, January 07, 2008

Random Monday

While preparing the boys plates for dinner last night, I turned to Bigdogg who was already seated and spooning food into Ben's mouth and asked him (Bigdogg) if he'd like a plate of Turkey Meatloaf...:

Bigdogg: "No thanks! That Dunkin Donuts Coffee did a number on my belly this afternoon..."

Jackson: "what number is that, daddy?"


Today is January 7th, and in just a few days-THIS FRIDAY!!- I will be arriving at my lucky number, 33!
The day I was born, in 01/11/1975, or perhaps the day that my mom was in labor, it was a beautiful 60 something degree's out.

Now here we are almost 33 years later, and as of yesterday and today, temperatures are reaching up in the 60's.
In Chicago!
Just Glorious!
Beautiful Spring like weather that gives you the taste of flowers and mud and rain.
I can't WAIT!

If only it would stay like this because naturally I am very tired of cold weather already, and I know there are at least 3months of chillers in store for us Chicago people.
Thank goodness in March we will be heading to Florida for a Sunshine break!

Here's to a Great Week this week and to all of you with kids,
its DEFINITELY time to get THEM back into school!

Welcome To Crustybeef~
How's the weather by you?


austere said...

In the seventies this corner of the world, Crusty, though it used to be in the early sixties or thirteen degrees centigrade min which is COLD for this tropical port city.


Anonymous said...

Careful. As your folks can tell you, January of 1967 had the exact weather we've had the last two days. Several days afterward, we were pounded by 23 inches of heavy snow.

I went from cleaning windows outside at a Joliet hospital while wearing jeans and a t-shirt to being overwhelmed in a parka 72 hours later. I worked 18 straight hours at one point because most other people couldn't get there (I lived three blocks away).

Be careful what you wish for: you might get it AND MORE.



austie: chilly for you, right?

UD: true, funny I was just thinking about that a few days ago when they mentioned about the "calm before the storm"..we're due for that blizzard type storm anyways..besides the 79, I know there was another one but not off the top of my head, it's only a matter of time..

I will enjoy this nice day for the time and embrace whatever mother nature gives to me tomorrow..

Mary said...

33 years old this Friday. Crusty, you are still a baby yourself. When I was 33 I thought 65 was not only old as dirt but just a little gross. Now that I'm here looking back I see a different world. You have so many wonderful years ahead. Hold them close and really live each and every one. HAPPY B'DAY.

Anonymous said...

well first of all that comment by Jackson was so funny. he and I were in the kitchen while you were with number 2 and he said " my stomach number is 33" it was funny..And oh by the way I would say that you are a super ubber hot 33. Man am I lucky...

Brad said...

Seattle is grey and overcast - shocking I know - I'm hiding under a comforter - dealing with the flu ! - yuk !

simonsays said...

Well happy almost birthday to you Crusty! 33 is an awesome age!

Out of the mouths of babes, right? I love the things our kids come up with...

Have a very happy Monday.


tex said...

33....Crazy. But don't hold your breath on it being in the 60's on your birthday. It would be nice though.....

Kelly Jene said...

What a funny little guy!! If you want another funny kid saying check out Adventures in Parenting in my blog links... i think its the second post down.. too funny!

It is stinkin cold here. Probably upper 30's. They are always threatening us with snow, but around here that means really cold rain. Nothing more.

Happy almost birthday... almost! ;)

Foster Communications said...

Holy crap! You hit 60? Let it come just a little bit more north to Minnesota. It was about 40 today and I was loving it! Even had the windows open. Well, they were cracked open, but it did feel a little bit like spring! :)

btw love this song on here.


Mary: I know what you're saying in regards to viewing age. I used to look at the 33 year old parents that I used to babysit for as really old, and here I am, not feeling old..I hope I view life as Young no matter what age..young with growth I guess. :)
You are a wise lady..thank you!

anon: "While you were with #2!" hahahaha. Love you alot!

Brad: Welcome! And I'm sorry to hear that you're under the weather, and under the comfy comforter. Rest up and sleep the rain away and soon you'll feel better!!

Simon: HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How are you???????!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad that you're out lurking!! So happy to see you here! 33 will be fun for me I think! Thanks for the early wishes!!

tex: yeah, not going to happen I know. will be chillly and blustery but that's alright..I'll have my four fav guys!

Kelly: I will definitely have to check the link out! Thank you for the suggestion! I love the chuckles from children!!

FosterC: hi there! I hope your feeling better..that story got me with your accident..phew!
I am sending sunshine rays but not too many so that your get an itchy collar from that darned brace!! :)

BTW,austie: by the way, if you'd like in about a week I can send some snow down to you!! :) hahah!
How's Phoebe?


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I'll say it today cuz I will definitely forget by Friday...33 eh? I wish I could revert back time and go back... I'm almost ready to leave the 3x era... oh well *sigh* have a GOOD one!

Tink said...

33 is my lucky number! Great age to be. I hope this lovely weather sticks for you. Got any big plans?

SOUL: said...

i wanna go to florida--and be 33 again.. wanna trade???

enjoy your weather..and everything

Golden To Silver Val said...

LOL, beware Mother Nature, she is such a mischievous one, to be sure. Teasing us with spring-like weather...then WHAM...she'll get us, GOOD. Ahhhh to be 33 and know what I know now. How wonderful that would be...oh the things I could do! Have a wonderful birthday and ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

That number thing is totally something I would have said as a kid. One time my dad was running, and my grandpa asked where he was running to, and I said, "He's not running two. He's running one."

I was always a warped fucker . . .

Portia said...

Happy (Early) Birthday Crusty! You are an incredible mother, friend and soon to be 33 y.o. and Friday is a special day. I hope you get all your birthday wishes, and (as your uncle said) MORE:)

SOUL: said...

happy humpday---


Jyankee: I like to think Age is just a number, and how we live our life regardless of age is most important. I have a relative in her 40's that has lived more in her 40's than in her 30's with adventures. Just imagine, how exciting the 'around the corner' is going to be!

Tink: Hi my wedding girl planner! I still love that airhockey wrap, I laughed so hard! 33 is my good number, my lucky number so I plan on starting it out the right way..a happy calm, peaceful day with my three little ones, a private dinner with my husband that evening at a place that we had our first date "years" ago-(9) and then, we'll see..I think Pam may be stopping by..but I will manage her with happiness too. ;-)

Soul: You can come with me? It's a vacation for a wedding type vacation..not a lot of relaxation..I should write about it, know me.. {giggles}

GoldenGirlGlitteredinSilver: I agree with you as well as I did my UD-the weather will change with a blink as it already has..the tornado's in illinois, the rain, and now, the temperature is dropping again..Soul's fish would be chilly!!

I've always said if I only knew in my 20's what I now know in my 30's. So, my dear, if you could go back to your 30's, what would you do? Advice is being sought?

Dr Kennie: HA! That's a good one! Warped or creative? I'd settle for creative..look at the glass half full..":+)

Portia: You are too sweet! Thank you! I hope the more is filled with spring in the future, more snow in the present, laughter, giggles, and finally squishing my feet outside in my flower bed mud. :)

Soul: HUMP DAY ALREADY? I'm craving biscuits and gravy, you?


Gypsy said...

Hi Crusty,
Just thought I would return the compliment and stop by and say hi.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday on Friday. Gee to be 33 again. At 33 I was just getting married and was pregnant shortly after with twins.

The weather here in Australia will be 106 tomorrow and no I'm not kidding. It was 106 all over Xmas, in fact it was probably more like 108-110 out here on the plains where I live. I tell you its killing me.

mosiacmind said...

happy birthday early to you. i love it when kids say such cute things.