Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Question: Does a resolution have to be written about, or in, or on, or just put into words, in order to prove a sense of caring? Allowing Time to pass? Or do you need advertisements To prove that someone isn't hypocritical? People treat me like I'm some sort of stupid person, they're always trying to control or attempt to manipulate you, or thinking that I'm naive, or dumb.

NewsFlash, I'm not!

I wish they would stop correcting me, stop being rude, and just start listening to me, and maybe try understanding me....

And stop walking away from people that care about them so easily.
It hurts.

I have a friend that doesn't like her husbands relative, he was rude to her once, the relative, even though it was the first time they'd met face to face, only hearing about one another from the husband. So, should she divorce her husband because she doesn't like the relative?
She seems to think it's the right move to divorce her husband.

And stop walking away from people that care about them, it hurts alot of people. If everyone tried a little harder at acceptance, life would and could be so much better.

Enough already. Yes, I know, I wrote that sentence twice, I tend to do that because I feel as though I am not being listened to in life, just sort of overlooked, dismissed.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Has anyone ever heard me in my 33 years of life say, "you're not welcome in my life?"
Didn't think so.
You have to do something realllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy painful to not be in my life. Like, say, abuse, verbal abuse, intense emotional, mental, physically hurt me, a friend, a family member, a stranger, hurting a child in any fashion, killing, sexual assult-all types, and cheating. That's when I would walk away.
No matter what, I do forgive.
Under those catagories above you would no longer be in contact with me, but I still will forgive you.

The other stuff, the other "wrongdoings" that I haven't listed up above, I pretty much can manage to overcome. You won't see me walking away from you with the others. I will still be there in your life, around you, caring about you, showing you that I do, enjoying the connection in any which way that I was given.
For me, life is just too short, time heals the minor stuff pretty quickly.

I do though, have to learn, that everyone does it differently, but it seems so much simplier to just all get along and be grateful. I guess I am naive. Problem with this approach is that I get hurt, and you just get tired of always being the one stepped on, for no reason.
I guess I am naive.
Said twice.


Golden To Silver Val said...

I sure hope you're feeling better. This is just such a nasty bug....just when you think you're better, it comes back and grabs you again. Take care of yourself and let Aunty Biotic do her magic. LOL Get as much rest as you can.

Gypsy said...

It sounds like someone has really upset you Elizabeth. Unfortunately, the good people in life are quite often the ones that get trampled over and yes it does hurt. I know this from experience.

Try not to think about it especially while you are feeling unwell. It will only make you feel worse and won't solve what is ultimately someone elses problem.

Brad said...

Dear Love, I've found in my life that forgiving doesn't alway mean that you allow the forgiven to remain in your life. Some times you have to forgive and let go. And sometimes you have to tell them your letting go. It's tough but it's your job to get the toxic shit out of your life. Love to you Sister!

Kelly Jene said...

Forgiveness is a hard thing to be so good at. Good for you.

I hear you.

Just wanted you to know.

austere said...

I admire your capacity to forgive. I cannot do that and too often walk away, sometimes there is no point.
Completely admire that.

You rock, Crusty.

simonsays said...

I so agree. There are so many that just give Sometimes I do. For the right reasons, though. It takes awhile, but you will learn. No, you are not naive - you are a big hearted soul. And life will most likely teach you that to protect you, sometimes you have to walk away. And perhaps for you, that lesson will never come. Just keep being you and doing what you do. :)

Cheryl said...

You know I think the world of you. There's some good advice in the words of your friends. Keep the ones close to you that you know are your friends.

Glad it's not mono. What is it?


GoldenGirl: AUnti Botie!! That is soooo cute!! Lets pray please that it isn't mono, we'll know based on if the auntie Bodies work or not in a few days!! I'm sure I'll be AOkay... Just need some sun... :)

gypsy: You know what? You are right, it doesn't help being sick when faced with a dill pickle of a lema, but I will get over it like I do, and keep going on with life..I have been known to be a tad sensitive in life (tad is an UNDERSTATEMENT) so perhaps the emotions are more heightened because of the illness...

Brad: Toxic Shit is right! You are right too! I changed the peeps around this morning, it's become a game with Bigdogg and I! You've given us lots of humor in the am!! :)

Kelly: My darling Kelly, it is the most difficult thing ever, that is to forgive.. thank you for being "there!!"

austie: Thank you for the encouraging words, for me I look at life jacked up! I think to myself, if everyone walked away everytime they were hurt, then no one would have anyone to catch them when they themselves fall. Coldness and rudeness hurts me like windchills of negative 35below
..Sometimes I wish I didn't feel as much. :(

Simon: true, true, and for me I hope as much as I want to learn the lesson, then I wouldn't feel as much, even though I don't want to feel hurt as much's tangled jacked up doodie isn't it?The problem is, what is classified as a right and a wrong? For one person may feel it justified, but is it worth losing companionship, unless they never really cared about you in the first just sucks to have for the majority always been on the other end, the end where the person leaves for no reason...hurting hurts, but then again, I do think about all the people that do care about me, that do listen to me, and it makes the ones so willing to disappear a tad easier to handle!

Cheryl: I THink the world of you!! BIG HEARTS!! And yes, this is all wonderful advice, needed advice, and in my tired mindset, just the right dose of medication for THE DAY OF CUPIDS ARROWS!! VIntage style!! :) Doc is treating me with 1K dose of Leviquin (sp) and thinks it's a bacterial infection. We'll know in a few days if it's mono based on my reaction to this medication. YEA!!! I'm glad that day by day I will improve. I'm glad that I am the type of person to see things softer, and not the type to walk away when a crack shows up in the perfectly paved cement, because nothing is perfect now is it?

Thank you again! I really appreciate your kind thoughtful words..and the fact that you "get me" is refreshing too! I'm far from perfect, but I'm not stupid, nor a hypocrite.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Usually it's Pride that gets in the way.

World is such a better place if everyone can swallow their pride.

PS: btw, how are you feeling now?

KYRIE said...

Seems like someone been getting on ur nerves. Crappy day for me too. I am just glad I didn't burst into tears today. Ughh.


The RealMOTHA: Yes, pride interferes quite a bit, doesn't it? Or is it ignorance?
How am I feeling? Like complete Ass! But I'm not as clogged as I was before. On happy doses of Anti', if only I had some yogart in the house,... ;)

Kyrie: How can you tell that I'm annoyed?? :) hahahahah!! Bursting into tears is like the final straw isn't it,..that's when you know it's been a rough rough day!
I hope you're okay Kyrie!


Kelly Jene said...

Love, love, love to you!
Happy Valentines Day! Hope you are feeling better!

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

The phrase - don't sweat the small stuff -is a wise one. Sometimes the small stuff is small, immature, stupid people. Diane

bonnie said...

Happy Valeties Day Lizbet,


Kelly: DITTO DITTO!! You're going to love Diane's novel!!!

Diane: but then am I a hypocrite for being sick of people calling me that and then turning around and judging them on their lack of "mature stupidity?" :) Happy Valentines Day! In the mood for another snow date!

Bon: Glad to see you're having a blast on your vacation/trip/ was your picnic? Happy Valentines day!!


tex said...

I have tried so many F-ing times to learn I've told you, but it's just not me....still holding grudges from so many years ago and sadly will never let 'em go. As long as I feel I was wronged and never had the chance to let loose, I will hold on to rage, anger, & hate. They're apart of me and make me what I am and will be.
Life Goes on....


Tex: you are right, that is you, but I have seen you forgive too, tread lightly, but you did forgive (B.Bio), I'm glad to read the honesty! There are A LOT of bitter family members, and they hold grudges into graves, ashame it hurts people like "me" so much.

P.S. CHV's okay? :)

mosiacmind said...

Lots of good stuff to ponder. I am so glad that I can read blogs again now.

jAMiE said...

I hope today y ou are feeling much better...hope you had a happy saint valentine's day...thinking of you!

Kelly Jene said...

Feeling any better yet? I hope so.

Thank you again.

Foster Communications said...

I don't think you're naive. Wiser than most, I'd say.
And I think more people "hear" you than you realize.
Enjoy your weekend.

Oh, and may the person who pissed in your proverbial Cheerios stub their toe. Hard.

Portia said...

I'm sorry to hear the frustration, but I'm glad you got it out here. You are not naive, and I can relate to that accusation. I can only imagine that this someone might feel threatened by you, but either way it is their loss. I hope you are feeling better and had a happy valentine's day!

SOUL: said...

hey crustee--

i'm sure i'm not THE one who peed in your cheerios.. (although, i would normally say wheeties) :)) hi FOSTAH..

but hey-- i came by today to apologize , actually--- for being so overly sensitive to a certain remark here.... i didn't mean to hurt you.
and i know YOU didn't have anything to do with what somebody else said.

maybe it's a steroid thing-- or other things happening here at that time--- but it wasn't right--
i should have said that sooner--
perhaps i am the stubborn, sensitive, naive one?



MY SOUL IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You don't know how HAPPY THAT makes me!! Seriously!!
water under the bridge, or is it, milk under the flakes? By now they're probably soggy! :)
umm, I can relate to sensitivity, I cry and overreact too!!
because I wanted to reply to you first! I missed you here! and happy you came over today!!


MOsiac: I am so glad you're able to be out reading again too, although I'm sure you were grateful to have the support that you felt overdue too! I can relate quite a bit, except I don't have as much courage as you do!! Welcome Home!

Jamie: I hope that Tim got you a really nice V day gift! How's your mom, feeling better? I hope not giving you too hard of a time...are you feeling any better? What did the oncologist say???? :)

Kelly J: YOU GOT IT??! The picture grabbed me, something about the bolt and cactus!! :) I am better, thank you! still weak, but much better.. You??

Fostie: TrueDAT! But, that for me, actions speak louder then words, and for them to walk away from family and so forth, well, I worry that the damage is so far done that it won't bring anything back..
I hope they all stubbed their toes, and hard too! :) HAHAHA...nawww, now I'm being like them, mean...I take that back, I hope they get to have pedicures on their curtled jacked up toes...that sounds nice, doesn't it?

portia: Isn't it frustrating to be underminded and treated like that? For me it started in 3rd grade...because my parents were wise not to follow along with materialism in regards to popular girlie things...and I was teased, and ignored...perhaps I'll just have to figure out a way to get over the past, or rather, stop allowing the past to impact my emotions from the present...however, it is me, my make up, and I think being caring and aware is good...unfortunately the naive and stupid comments are painful when you hear them over and over and over again. :(

HI AGAIN! I'm happy to see you back! NBD on the comment drama!! Cheerios under the wheaties!I'm sorry your feelings were hurt, though. That makes me sad because I know first hand how much it hurts to have our feelings hurt.

enough of the feelings, pass me a cold beer! please! :)


SOUL: said...

here's your beer--got a light?