Tuesday, February 12, 2008

As You Know

As You now know, I left last week to go on a surprise trip to visit one of my closest friends that moved to Arizona roughly 5 years ago.
She lives in a town about an hour or so north of Phoenix, out in an area where even my cell phone didn't always get reception. (*note to self, Change wireless providers)

I wasn't able to log into the internet for more than a minute or two, plus, I didn't want to, as this was my time for my friends and I, and I wanted to unplug myself as much as possible. I did have the occasional loving schmoopie love chats with my husband and children but that wasn't very often, either.

This trip was a trip to give me time for myself, which I do so deserve. For me to say that I deserve time away for me shows you that I really really needed this time. It was long overdo. For me to say that I needed this time shows me that I have grown once again to realize that it's okay to need time for me. It's okay to take a break from it all and have everything unplugged. If I can't take care of me, or if I can't give myself time, then how can I possibly give time to everyone else in my life?

So, we, being my two other girlfriends and I, booked our trip at the beginning of January, January 4th for that matter. I was urged to not mention it here on my blog because of the fact that my dear friend happens to pop over here on occasion, and I didn't want to take the chance of her finding out about our arriving surprise.

It was a great weekend, with the main issue of I falling ill. That wasn't fun at all. She doesn't even live near a hospital, and you pay up the waaahhhhzoooo should you need ambulatory services.

At first I thought my body had crevice alert due to the wine and Ouzo and Tequila Rose, but in no time at all my body told me otherwise, that I was sick with something nasty out in Arizona. I made the best of it, curled up in blankets sleeping on a couch up in their loft, sweating and shaking with the type of sickness that makes you have tears that roll down your face. I'm still not 100%, my ears are still pretty clogged and I can't hear much of anything yet. I still have a fever, aches, throat aches (strep throat), sore joint muscles and my nose has so much crusty crust in it, it's quite a sight! I bet I could build an igloo with my nose glue too!

But, I make the best of it, because what else can I do about it? Sit and complain and moan like I have the last two paragraphs? Or rather, do something about it, like down as much fluid as possible, rest as much as possible inbetween caring for my little ones who I missed so much while gone. Plus I have something to look forward to this evening when Bigdogg returns from a day at his firm, a big hot bowl (*or two or three) of Matzoh Ball Soup!!

I laughed so hard during the time away, it was a marvelous feeling for my tender self. We built up new memories, cooked each other meals that we enjoy, and reconnected with each other as a group. I can't remember the last time the four girls (us the Dames) were all together on a trip, I know I left Chicago in Feb of 2002 for Florida, and Laine and Dana left for Arizona in March of 2003. I would travel to Arizona to visit them on occasion, and they came to see me once, but the last time we were all together, with our friend Aggie too, I can't even recall!

We were and are a close knit group, until husbands and for some, children, took over. So it was a trip that was worthwhile, that allowed us all to reconnect with each other. We laughed and laughed and talked and talked some more until my bug hit me and took me away. It was worth it! I will not complain about the trip because it was something that I really enjoyed having!

Moving on,..

Sullivan returns to preschool tomorrow, and he and I are very excited for this!
I have Valentines Day crafts that I need to prepare for Jackson's School party on Thursday and other then that, prepare for my trip out to Florida in a few weeks.

That's about it today.
Welcome To Crustybeef~
For some reason not only is spell check not working, but neither is adding images, so the plane pictures will just have to wait for another day...

It was a pleasure unplugging myself and not being connected to anything for the days that I were gone, a very nice way to decompress with my close friends, and spend time getting to know my friend's husband of almost one year, plus playing with their doggies, Samson and Poncho. (Actually, we renamed them Samson and Poncho, their real names are Coda and Chachi- a chocolate lab and a french something or another that I can never remember)


Cheryl said...

I'm happy you had your much needed 'me time'. Despite your being so, so sick. Did your guys do well at home?

I hope today finds you feeling much better. I bought something called a neti pot from CVS when I was sick. It really helps your nose. Check it out?

Happy almost VD day! Will you do crafts at home?


I was actually trying to recall the name of what I remember you wrote about, so thank YOU!! You read my mind! I will be asking Bigdogg to stop there, CVS, before he stops off at the jewish deli! Thanks Cheryl!
As always,
Your friend,
P.S. crafts are based on the wellbeing of mom..jackson needs to do some for school and I volunteered to help so I'm in charge of providing 40 something pink and red something or anothers for his class, which reminds me, I need to call the head room mom and ask her what I need to provide. :)

Portia said...

Yikes! That sounds like a mean bug:( I hope you are over the worst and feeling more like yourself. I'm glad you made the most of the trip anyway, because you certainly did deserve it! Have fun with the valentines:)

captain corky said...

Glad you had a chance to get away and get some time for yourself. Spending time with life long friends really is special these days.

I hope you're starting to feel better. Strep throat aint no fun.

Brad said...

Gargle with hot salty water - The hottest and saltyest you can take it -

Glad you had so much fun. Freinds can come and go, but those lifetime ones are the real gifts in this world.

And I bet the weather was a great change to !


Portia: The darned bug was a bugger, but could be worse, right? :) I can't get over how warm your blog is, can you change mine, please?

capt: Perhaps if you sing me some songs it will take the virus away!! what a fabulous rendition you did, I do say so myself!

Brad: sippppppp....mermaid waves....sippppppppp....my mom and husband and aunt would say the same thing,...salt water and hot water HOT HOT WATER! That and rest!! I'll go for that and the mermaid mug tea!! ;)



P.S. Brad, the weather was about 70degrees...perfect! They are fabulous friends to have!!!


Gypsy said...

If only all of us women would grant ourselves the same permission to actually take the time out that we so desperately need. I, for one, always feel so guilty if I do anything for myself. I feel selfish which is absolutely crazy but there it is.

I'm so glad you have friends that you can do that with. Apart from the terrible illness, it sounded like you had a wonderful time. Hope you get better really soon.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

you did a good good thing for yourself and your family too. Get better soon! Diane

The Real Mother Hen said...

This post has so much love and friendship, and it warms my heart up nicely :)

And hope you get better soon... rest well before the Florida trip :)

Golden To Silver Val said...

Oh my...PLEASE don't underestimate this nasty bug. This is what I had. You will think you are all well and then a few days later it will hit you again. This bug is what caused me to lose my hearing for 17 days. Of course I realize I'm a lot older and it probably hit me harder, but please be careful...it can turn into pneumonia very easily. Take care! What a winter this has been!!

Kelly Jene said...

I think being human, we all need a time to step away, step out of what we do daily and just breathe. I'm so glad you had that opportunity. I hope to in the next months as well. I am so glad you have such close friends. It was almost a YaYa sisterhood moment wasn't it? Sounded like it.

Praying for you to heal quickly!

austere said...

So glad about the time out and the laughter!
grr re the bug. Take care, supermom.

forty pink and red hearts! That's quite something now...boyoboy..


gypsy: I still felt guilty going, still do, and of course think to my warped sense of self, "getting sick was what I deserve after leaving my boys behind..dreadful, shame shame" the guilt of moms, we carry it as heavy as we do the love in our hearts!!

Diane: This is some dooozzzzzzieeeee of a cold! Thank you for your caring messages!!! :)

GoldenGirl: I hope it passes rather quick! I remember your posts about the hearing and nasty cold/flu bug...it's so strange, it's like the flu and cold suddenly decided to work together in life...my hearing is still really really off...

Kelly: It felt great to have the chance to get away, but like I was saying to gypsy I still felt "guilty" I did have a great time though-until this bug latched a ride in my immune system. :)

The real mother: you are as sweet as you are sassy, and not to mention genuinely real!!

austie: HA! Supermom! Anyone want to make me a costume? I'm picturing a very whimsical get up! :)


Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter how much we like our life with spouses and kids (if any), there will always be a special bond between friends that should never be forgotten. The sickness sounds crappy, but I'm glad you had fun otherwise!


P.S. My time of dayis "Twight" how appropriate. I did it on Portia's blog.


Proxima!!: It was a delightful trip, thank you for the sweet regards my dear! You're a twilight, eh? What time? I was surprised I wasn't a 4am-R as I wake so early every morning!! :)


simonsays said...

Good for you - time away is just good for the soul. It's really too bad you had to get sick while there, doesn't stuff like that just seem to always happen?

Take care and feel better.