Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hazy Shades Of Winter

This morning, while still in my dreamstate, I heard rain falling and it sounded like the type of rain you hear when Spring has hit. When the Cherry Blossom trees are pink and white, when the Tulips are up, when the birds are out singing their welcoming morning tunes.

The rain sounded like Spring rain.
But, it smelled like Winter rain.
Spring isn't here yet.
Matter of fact, one of my four large trees in the front yard finally shed her last leaf. Talk about someone not good with change, poor tree!

There is a difference you know, between the smell of Spring and Winter rain. I say Spring before Winter only because I have mentally put Winter behind me, therefore he has to be last in the equinox of written words in this blog until next year, of course.

Today isn't a Spring rain, but rather a nasty Winter rain. It's the foreplay before the intimate KAPOW!/ORGASMICALLY cheated experience of yet another winter storm. Thankfully the boys both have tomorrow off of school due to it being Presidents Day. So, now we sit around and wait. Right now it's only at first base, the stage of Flash Flooding, and that's a big thanks due to the temperatures reaching 40degree's today. GOOD! Run off all the sheets of ice my driveway has grown, like fungi in a petri dish, I am anxious to grow something besides salt covered driveways.

See the map at the beginning of this post? I'm somewhere inbetween OHARE and DEKALB and AURORA, a Bermuda Triangle of CB location, I guess.

The snow comes later, tomorrow, according to the news guys.

Jackson will begin learning about fertilization, eggs and chicks on tuesday, which reminds me, I need to send him to school on Tuesday with an Unfertilized egg. Yes, children are going to hatch eggs, watch baby chicks emerge if they're lucky, cry when they can't take them home as pets, and learn a valuable lesson on the "other eggs" that are begging for Bacon in their refrigerators at home. Should be a fun time for him in school.

Today I am going to see the movie, 27 Dresses with two of my neighborhood girlfriends. I can't tell you the last time I went to a movie with women. I have high hopes for SnowCaps, Nacho's, a big bubbly drink of Coke, and a movie about weddings, dresses and always the bridesmaid. I have heard mixed reviews on this movie, but all in all, it will be a great time to go to see a "chick flick." See, those two words don't mesh well in my home. The last chick flick I watched was when Bigdogg went to Florida last August. I can't be that cruel of a wife and "make him" sit there as I wipe snot from my nose, while sobbing over a woman on the screen that has managed to get a tampon stuck up her best friend's nose.

You understand right?

Nothing else going on here, except I made a delicious recipe that was baked for us from my friends husband while in Arizona last week! It's Baked Spaghetti, but not just any type of Baked Spaghetti, the kind that hosts garlic, and bell peppers, feta cheese, and freshly grated parmesan cheese too. I've wanted Bigdogg to try this amazing fanciful meal since I returned from Arizona, but have been so sick that the thought of food alone made my belly close her doors for a few long days. So, last night, around 6Pm, I ran out to our local grocer, Jewel Food Stores, and picked up all the necessary ingredients to prepare a yummy baked garlic pleasure for my favorite boys.

It turned out quite good. Not as good as the one I had in Arizona, but in time it will reach that level of tasteful. The "I am eating my friend's husband's leftovers with my fingers off his plate," type of wonderous perfection. I used too much olive oil with mine, but no big thing.

I also learned another interesting tidbit about my three younger ones last night. While jullienne-ing (WORD in proper form?????) the bell peppers, they squeaked their way into the kitchen, mousing for the yellow strips of peppers. My boys like green peppers I guess! How fabulous! They also, as I discovered last night, love freshly grated parmesan cheese and freshly crumbled Feta Cheese.

According to my baby, Ben, he enjoys dipping things. So, with his meal last night, he discovered that spaghetti noodles and garlic bread tastes even better dipped in his strawberry flavored MOTTS apple sauce.
Go figure.

Sure we ate dinner quite late last night, all of us did, and sure that isn't something that I'd normally do, but hey, it's okay to go against the grain of scheduling.

It was a great evening. The boys to bed about 20minutes after dinner/dessert was finished, and I asleep on the couch as Bigdogg watched the last 10+minutes of the movie he attempted to watch in the afternoon during nappie times called, THE KINGDOM. He's been climbing the walls to see this movie!

Apparently Garlic is a natural sleep remedy for me, because according to him, I logged off of the Webkinz website, stumbled and crumbled my way to the couch, plopped my tired self down on the couch, and with my glass of Pinot wine in hand, managed to zonk right out while keeping the wine in my glass, straight. While my head was turned towards the couch, mouth wide open, sawing logs for the purposes of energy conservation next Winter.

Now that's a Class act if I say so myself.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Happy Sunday.

NIU, you have been in my prayers since Thursday. God Bless!


simonsays said...

Falling asleep that way, you sound like me, although mine is usually michelob ultra, the wine that I used to love leaves me with a headache...but you are entirely TOO young for the picture you paint, only us oldies fall out like that....teehee

Yes, more wonderful *%^$# snow. You'll get what's here today, and it's freakin' great...

Have a good Sunday. :)

Tex said...

And I didn't think you'd post today.....stupid me.
I hope you enjoy yerself today. I try and get the WARDEN to go out, but she's always like, "No, I have this to do or that to do...."
Someday I'll win with her.
Pass on that recipie for the spaghetti.....wanna try it.
As for the rain, yeah, I keep telling myself that pitchers and catchers have reported (GO CARDS!!) so we should expect this.....but this much??
Take care and CHV'S!!!!!!!

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

You make me laugh. Thanks for a blog to brighten the day - it's the same in Cleveland as Chicago. Yuk. Diane

Palm Springs Savant said...

this is such a great post...I totally relate on the weather comments. Felt like I was back in Chicago~

abbagirl74 said...

I know exactly where to come for a smile!


JaimeALWAYSDOESFIXIT!: I will switch up between Budweiser and wine, depending on the mood. Yes, I ALWAYS fall asleep...been like that since I was in my early 20's..even when my bed sat near the kitchen in a two bedroom apt I shared with my two best friends..
Michelob! I hope you're having one with H today!!

Tex: I didn't end up going..long story but it involves something that I haven't spoken of here that I've been having since before Arizona;;;;Anxiety and bad urgent trips to bathroom for numero new meaning to dropping deuces!!
So, I can see why your T says it, because I do too... I should've gone, but I'm not going to go.

Diane: How can I manage to capture the sun while in Florida to give to you and all my other favorite readers in the colder states?? Happy Sabbath!

Palm Springs: I bet you'll dream of the salt trucks tonight! Harrison deserves to be on TV!! ;)

abba: Good thing you came here today versus the other wasn't so poppies and morning glories.. :) Brrrr..GIMMME SPRING! :)


Mary said...

Schedules are made to throw out anytime a blizzard or winter rain is in progress. Garlic bread, spaghetti, and strawberry apple sauce doesn't sound bad at all. Not to a Nana who raised nothing but boys.

Portia said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better! Dinner sounds absolutely awesome, and isn't it nice when the kids like it too:) Hang in there - spring is coming!

Martha said...

The weather IS hideous. I keep praying my sump pump can keep up! And you're right that there's a difference between the smell of Spring and Winter rains. After I went grocery shopping this morning, I was standing outside sniffing the air, trying to determine if my crocuses will be popping up anytime soon...but no go. The rain doesn't smell warm and fresh enough yet.

Cheryl said...

I loved 27 Dresses. A great chick flick. I hope it did the trick for you.

It's been a weird day on my end. Too much coffee and too little sleep.

bonnie said...

Sorry you've been sick! It's a running theme among bloggers lately. I haven't seen that movie so I want your opinion. Since you love to write, I tagged you, just a baby tag. The smell of movie theater popcorn is completely irresistible to me... one reason I avoid the theaters. Your recipe sounds so delicious. could you post it?

Gypsy said...

I went to see 27 dresses with my two daughters and thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved Katherine Heigl in the lead role and though predictable it was a nice, feel good movie. Just what you need when you go out with the girls.

That dinner sounded absolutely scrumptious.

austere said...

The movie sounds goooood. I hope you had fun.

I watched a hindi movie y'day, about dyslexia, it was brilliant. I wish you could see this one too.


Mary: Eating late on a saturday nite was a fun thing, and mainly because the baked spaghetti took about 4ominutes to complete as well! I still smell like garlic and loving every minute of the way, are you safe from the storms and tornado's??

Portia: I was shocked they enjoyed it...course it didn't have meat in it and according to Sullivan he isn't a big fan, except at Mcdonalds of course...spring by you I hope. Here? My driveway is another sheet of ice... :) Happy Monday

martha: There is nothing worse then lots of rain, except when the sump pump fails, and the back up doesn't work. I hope yours stayed kicking! Do you have a back up?

Cheryl: I didn't end up going..I talked myself out of it and decided to stay home and be lazy...I haven't wanted to climb out of my robe since returning home from Arizona. :L) the jittery heavy eye feeling is the worse. I hope you got a good night sleep, and enjoy your day off with Em..hope it doesn't interrupt your quiet time..I know how much quiet time is needed in my land.

Bonnie: I love popcorn, and ate three bowls yesterday, THREE bowls! I recently found out that all the hard work of eating healthy hasn't helped in my weight, so I decided to go the opposite way and eat everything this coffee, food that I shouldn't be eating. I'll be over to snag that meme, I am still far far behind on them, and haven't even thanked Foster for an award she gave me...Thank you for the tag!!

gypsy: I didn't end up going, so,...I think I'll wait until it comes out on dvd,...maybe I'll just spike my husbands drink with chick flick juice and manage to sneak it in unders of what he thinks is a movie based on the CIA. :)

austie: that movie sounds lovely and I'd love anytype on dyslexia. I've met many people with this condition and have always thought to myself to continue learning about it. You liked the movie?


captain corky said...

Baked Spaghetti sounds amazing. Makes we want to make it for dinner.

I just wish we got an 1/8th of the snow you guys get. Then I could be sick of winter too. Before I know it, it's going be 100 degrees every day and humid beyond humid, but that's just Kentucky I guess. ;)

Portia said...

*TAG!* It's a quick easy game, but I know you have a bunch on your plate so no worries:)

Kelly Jene said...

Your kids rock. Just thought I'd let you know. I haven't seen a chick flick with friends in .... oh, geez it must be years. Can't remember. But shhhh... Roggie is usually willing to watch with me. ;)

SOUL: said...

i just forgot what i was gonna say-- i think i need to go to bed for about a week.

anyhow-- guess i'll come back if i remember-- if not-- happy tuesday--


Capt: if there were a way I could bottle if up for you, and drop it off next week, I would. But instead, I am shoveling alongside my hubby cursing the icepath and the salt isn't melting it.... :(

Portia: It looks like fun! Thank you for thinking of me!

Kelly J: I probably should have gone, but opted to hang inside and spend the day with my boys instead. That's marvelous that Rog enjoys the chick flicks...

Soul: dont you hate when that happens? Funny, I was leaving you a comment at the same time in your world! Have fun this weekend on your time away, it'll be good for the "soul" as long as you survive the Road trip of course. :)


JLee said...

Just stopped by to say "hi" Crusty!
There's nothing better than a chick flick with friends and lots of junk food to go along with it. Stay warm up there, I'm from Illinois originally, so I know how cold it can be!


Jlee: SO that's why you look so familiar!! I am doing my best to keep the bones warm and although I'm glad I no longer live in florida, I am so happy that we're leaving for there next thursday!!

jAMiE said...

Mmmmm, your dinner sounded yummy, any chance you'll post the recipe? I'm a sucker for anything garlic and pasta...yum!