Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blue colored Mimi Instincts

It's been some weekend.

Hell, screw weekend, it's been some week! Everything that has happened has led us to Sunday, in a wierd way. With decision making and good ones for that matter, at least until the jags of Sunday night.
Everything I just experienced this past week, I have never experienced it before, ever. That lightbulb sentence came to me after I sat down to type whatever it was I was going to type after being on only 2-3 hours of sleep this past weekend due to an emergency with my wattle budgie Benny beegee Beaver baby ...

Yes, I am exhausted, and thankfully home, but will be silent for a few days (minutes) as for right now my rems require me over Written words. I will say this, upon arriving at the end of that first sentence at the beginning of the post, after a flash of events stridoring through my head, an inhale of memories in my brain, I realized that has bad as everything could have been, speaking about the events that occurred at the many different defining moments of this weekend in particular, were all necessary to get me to "here." To help me arrive to the place that I was intended to be at.
Yes, there was frustration and drama, but I must look at it as though that was required in order to get me back here.
My Home.
Ben's home.
Ben's bed.
Sunday night, thankfully with my Ben.

Now I shall be silent.
So that my little Ben may get some rest.




Susan's Snippets said...

CB - Sounds as if blessings and thanks are abound!!

praying all around

Brad said...

Sleep well Benny-boy - you are loved and we're glad your ok.

Unky Brad.

Kathy said...

Glad Ben is okay. Don't you think that each of these emergencies takes time off our lives! Blessings to you all.

austere said...

Good night. both of you... and tc.

I Thank the heavens for the goodness and safe harbor.

Palm Springs Savant said...

deep breath, inhale, exhale, and relaaaaaxxx.

Cheryl said...

It's been a few days. Are you all calmed down? Is Ben really fine? I'm sorry for the worry you've been through.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I'm lost. What on earth happened and is eerything ok now?

Anonymous said...

I just stopped by to wish you, Brian and your beautiful little boys a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.

bonnie said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. It must feel like the perfect holiday for you right now.