Wednesday, March 04, 2009


It's been 6months since my biopsy on the thyroid nodule.
A few weeks ago I had my 6month ultrasound scan to see what's up with the noddy's.

The results are in and I need to undergo another Fine needle biopsy because one nodule has disappeared-GOOD NEWS!!- Yet the other nodule has grown slightly, hasn't changed for the good. Because one went away and the other has grown, it's time for Valium and a March 23rd 1:00pm needle in my neck procedure just to make sure that the cells inside haven't changed. In November it was 1.6cm and now it's 2.0 by 1.7 cms.

Believe it nor not I'm okay.
Because there are many people who would love to have my problems as my Mom reminds me.

A perfect example is the story of a local family that delivered a little girl on February 24Th that only lived for 24hours.
You can read her story here:

Another example would be a good friend of mine that was told just the other day that he had a mass in his hip/groin area. A mass about an inch or so in length. No it's not a hernia. This same family buried their brother in law less then a year ago due to cancer.

I'll take a needle in my neck any time of the day if it means less pain for these families.

G-ds Blessings!


Kathy said...

Mitvahs to you! Keep us posted.

JLee said...

I have not been around lately and I'm so sorry to hear you are having to go through this. But you're right. Everything is relative to another situation. Keep up your great positive attitude and I will pray everything is just fine. xo

Tink said...

You are such an inspiration!

austere said...

Tc and a hug.

Dear Liza said...

It will be okay -- wait and see, although the procedure doesn't sound like any fun.

You are so right, many folks would love to have the problems that we think will surely be the end of us.

Something about a man with no shoes and then a man with no feet?

Hugs, good friend. :)


Kathy: Thank you and many mitzvahs to you too!


JLee; let me know how reiki goes..I might have to look into that..*similar issues" that you're dealing with have heightened many things within my aura.

positive? lol. You caught me at a good time.


Tink: OMG, an inspiration I am not. But you're sweet to say so. Got Fairydust? Pass some oranges I could use some of the Florida sun.
How is it down there now?

hang in there yourself!

"tink positive"


austere; congrats again on 6sVol2! that's awesome!!!! lots of hugs back and a letter or two! :)



Buckets of Liza: YES!! You are absolutely right! Enjoy your quiet time before you are a gma to brodie in true form! I'm so excited for you and J!!!
yes, the procedure isn't fun, but it's like having your second child, it's not necessarily worse cause you know what to expect but it's worse because you know what to expect.

happyone said...

How right you are, there is always some one worse off than you are.
I find that when I volunteer and see how some people live, I realize that I have nothing to complain about.
Hope all goes well with you. I'll send a few prayers up for you.

Golden To Silver Val said...

You are so right Elizabeth. I just had a talk with my daughter about this...trying to find something POSITIVE in every bad matter how tiny...find SOMETHING positive. Its the only way to survive all the hard knocks.
Thank you for your kind comments and for missing me. Big hugs..much love. I'm sending up prayers for you too. Have faith, it will all be ok. xxoo

Cheryl said...

Yes, we have to count our blessings. Still, it's worrisome. At least you know what the procedure is and know what to expect. Hopefully it's not too bad of a procedure.

Hope all is well with you sweetie.

Kelly Jene said...

God bless you friend and sister!

Anonymous said...

Check out the real "Beef-O-Rama" in Minocqua, WI.

Kathy said...

How is Ben doing?

Brad said...

You ROCK baby!