Saturday, May 02, 2009

Celebrating to the future of I DO Waaaa!

Tomorrow is the baby shower for a very close friend of mine.
You may remember last June her and her husband lost their little one at 23weeks. Precious Faith June.
Tomorrow she will be 31weeks and we continue to pray that her and her teddy bear furry hubby are given a special gift from their angel in the sky, in about 60days.
Prayers for this friend of mine please.

I'll go from a baby shower brunch straight to an English afternoon tea luncheon-yes, back to back showers- only the 2nd one is a bridal luncheon.

My Aunt has met her Prince charming, and he's everything that you can picture Richard Gere was in Pretty Woman. Matter of fact for a birthday date, he told her to dress up nice and that was it. The limo drove them to the airport where they were greeted by the airport staff. He had charted a private plane and flew her to St Louis over the arches for dinner somewhere unique. He presented her with a gift -diamond studded-shall we play a big round of TENNIS?- and the plane carried bubbly and classy fruit arrangements for them to nibble on.


*and she has never been a prostitute*

Happy Days tomorrow for people that I care about.


Midwest Mommy said...

Wow! Talk about fairy tale. That's awesome.

happyone said...

Wow he is a prince charming!!

Yes, will say a few extra prayers for your friend!!

austere said...

How lovely. super lovely.
Reminds me of "Make a wish upon a star.."

Dear Liza said...

That is so awesome! And I WILL pray for your friend, I certainly know the fear she must be feeling.

Have a wonderful Sunday. Hugs.

Brad said...

Ha! - He sounds like a keeper to me.