Saturday, May 09, 2009

Ovary Zero Cyst One

Instead of having a girls night playing flashlight tag and ghost in the graveyard with a bunch of wino'd up mommies from my son's school, I spent the evening in a boxing match.

Instead of sharing my famous homemade chocolate chip cookies with my favorite mommies from Jack's school, while drinking wine and playing ghost in the graveyard and flashlight tag for our monthly girls night out, I got my ass kicked by a follicular cyst.

Just after I picked up Jackson from school I got this "pain" on my left side. Thinking it was gas from all the samples of cookie dough I'd tested while making cookies for my girls night out evening, I ignored it. Until I got punched by it again and again, and suddenly it felt as though a piece of me were laying on a very hot beach somewhere.

Too hot too touch, and when touched the pain heightened upon release of the area in question.

I knew this wasn't Pam's usual routine. So, off we go to Urgent care.

Urgent care determines that I'm not pregnant, as well as determines that I have been wiping the right way, there is no urinary tract infection, but they also see that my white blood cell count is raised, I'm in pain, the belly region is tender with palpitations and I'm in pain. They determine that I must be sent to the Emergency room.

Not before giving me a shot in my ass of dilaudid, which within 15minutes, I had awful pressure in my chest. The EKG is taken, my heart rate is well over 100something and my blood pressure was erratic. I was having a hard time swallowing and I felt quite faint.

A reaction. After more monitoring with the heart rate, it's determined that I'm safe to be transferred to Central Dupage Hospital.

There, in the Emergency Room, I'm seen by a rude ass nurse, questioned many times on the "one a scale of one to ten,.." and poked and prodded.

After IVs, Toradol,(which did nothing for me but give me stomach irritation), more blood draws and an ultrasound they discover fluid hanging out just beyond my abdomen near my ovaries.

I had a cyst.
But it ruptured and was no longer present, just the fluid was left over hanging around.

It wasn't the usual culprits, because remember, cysts rupture every month, the normal ones we just don't feel. This one, yes, wasn't usual. This one was more like, powie owie!

So more shots in my ass for antibiotics *just in case,* more Dilaudid with Benedryl this time, another reaction expect this particular bitch of a nurse just said, "it's part of the pain medicine. Sure, it was, until I could barely swallow and then out came the EKG's and more monitoring because my body is just quite sensitive to this. This was a very small dose too. Grrr.

Finally, "feeling" like I was at a pain level of about 3, I'm able to go home.
Start time of match: 6:00pm
End time: 3:30something am.

I get home and head immediately to the fridge for some left over fried chicken and some chocolate chip cookies for healing.

It was a very long night, there's nothing that can be done after the rupture, it's just fluid and nothing with teeth or blood filled, so I'm able to go home.


But I'm tired and in pain and just.frustrated.

The good news is Mothers Day leisure starts one day early for me, and my darling husband, Brian, presented me with an early Mother's day present; THE SHACK! I cannot wait to read it!

Happy Mothers Day to Everyone!

*an ultrasound example of a follicular cyst* (not mine, the doctor wouldn't let me take home pictures for a show and share session.) At least he wasn't as big of a bitch as the cold hearted nurse was...dumb broad.

The cyst won this time, but next time I'll make certain that my Ovary sucker punches the cyst right out of ovarian park.


Martha said...

Ugh, brutal. I've been there--and I wonder if the same nasty nurse you had used to work at the hospital out this way. Sheesh. And I have to say, I'm pretty sure that fried chicken and chocolate chip cookies help heal everything.

happyone said...

Oh sorry to hear you had to go through that. It makes me wonder why people who are rude even go into nursing!
I read the Shack and thought it was great. Happy reading and
Happy Mother's Day to you!!

... Paige said...

that so sucks. rude nurses need a spanking with an IV tube--but I bet they like that.

Feel better real soon


yeah, the nurse was awfully rude. Poo-pooing the fact that my O2 was low and with a wave of her hand not even making eye contact..until I started to cry and say, "No really, something isn't right, she glances down at my 02 levels, pulls out the ekg moniter and doesn't utter a word about it "just being the medicine,.." People like that...frustrate the hell out of me.


Whoops, martha that last comment was for you. forgot to put your name there. :)

Happyone: I can't wait to read the book. Finishing up reading Susan Wiggs Fireside (lovie story) and cannot wait to start The Shack. I've heard so many people say they're reading it and had no clue what it was about..really excited to read it!!!


Paige; LMAO! Funny you mention that because this very nurse tells me that the new IV catheters are flimsy (after she tells me my skin is rubber) and the hospital went with a new company, for money even though these particular ones cause more pain...not a very personable broad I tell you.

(i think the vicoden is making me mean, but I want to write a letter saying that she needs to be working with something other then patients..very rude. it was as if I were putting her out being there.)

SOUL: said...

that does truly suck-- but i'm glad you're ok.
you know i know all about bad bedside manner from medical staff--- wouldn't it be nice if assault wasn't an illegal offense? well.. in these cases.

anyhow-- hope you are back to your good ole spunky self today and can enjoy a very happy mothers day


abbagirl74 said...

I am glad you are okay. Happy Mother's Day sweetheart!

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Elizabeth! Your body is a challenge for you isn't it? You handle it well though. Let me know what you think of the shack - I wrote about it on April 28.

austere said...

How terrible.
And yes, I do hope you get around to writing that letter.

What a nasty woman that was.

Cheryl said...

Just read this. Man oh man. I want to do something nice for you cause you surely need a break!

werner from said...

That Sucks. Good luck with the challenge ahead!