Friday, October 16, 2009

The Blue Pill Spam

Recently one of my friends email accounts were hacked, and a link was emailed out to all of us in her address book. It was a geocities link that, when you clicked on it, a screenshot page popped up advertising Viagra, Cialis, the usual hardening pills. Along with steps on how to seek help when the hard on goes way beyond hard.

People, people, people. SILLY, silly spamming people, if I was interested in buying online drugs, don't you think I'd already be involved with this? Do you really think that by spamming me in all the many ways you Internet erectors attempt to do so, it's going to force me to buy the crap you're promoting? Silly people, give it a rest. Your spamming will not remind me of what I haven't done yet, online. So, no, I'm not going to buy some of those prolonging pills. Quit wasting your CC: space, okay?

If I'm going to buy drugs online (which I don't, just to clarify), it's not going to be because someone hijacked my friends contact list and told me to order a bundled package of erection pills.

If you want to market it, buy ad space on a blog or something, for crying out cream!

I don't, nor will I ever, order pills online. No matter where it comes from: a spam, or a sent link from somebody else's email. While I'm ranting, I must tell you that I also will never transfer money to a widow in Nigeria, nor will I search for Ashley Flores.

What I will do, is laugh at any email that has pictures about Halloween costumes, or those motivational posters. I will cry at stories of lions and men, of hummingbirds and women, of cats and dogs, and anything 9/11, or on motherhood..

But I won't be persuaded to buy narcotics, or any sort of pill for that matter, via the Internet. So, do me a favor, stop trying to market a limp line. It's not going to happen in this house, so give it up.

If you want to though, here are a few things I love:
I'm a big fan of US weekly
ways to help my children improve with their developmental delays
appetizing holiday dessert recipes.

So why not send me those things?

Stop with the pills. I will not buy them no matter how many times you feel the need to remind me.

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Jamie said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. :)

How are you feeling?

I hope your weekend is great. Hugs.