Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sugar Sweet Before 40 Days Of Lent

Today's the day we're supposed to eat lots of sweet donuts.

I chose not to, lest I want to feel real sick later on.

Instead I focused on what I can give up for 40 days of Lent.
I can't say Starbucks and Greasy food, because I have to avoid these,
lest I get sick. Maybe a regular cup of coffee once or twice a month.
Saved for a Saturday morning with my wonderful big dog.

But what could I give up this year?
Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and I'm focused on Lent. Don't ask me why.
Yes it's my religion, but I'm also very opened minded about our Jewish Religion. I love the culture, the family togetherness, some of the goofy stereotypes from both religions. You know, Lutherans are known for their potlucks. Jewish people are know for their soup.

I love the disciplines that come with following that Faith. I have a lot of respect for the Jewish religion. I have picked up parts of it and made it part of my life as well (ie: G-d). Does that make me a hypocrite? I was thinking that today on the car ride home from work.

Am I jacked up and contradicting because I take two parts of two different Faiths, and I believe in both. Sounds strange, but I believe in both. However that's where I come in for the hypocritical part. How can I possibly believe in both, when there are some obvious differences as far as the beliefs and confirmation vs bar Mitzvahs. I wish G-d could say, "no sweat, freak. I got your back. I enjoy that you blend the two together. I started Religion and as your trunk, it grew branches. Branches that go in different directions, different ideals, but there's still me hanging out with the woodpecker in the trunk."

If I ever heard Him say that? For you all to be a fly on my crusty wall=watch the finger prints= that would be a treat to witness, huh?

But I do feel all warm and fuzzy by honoring both, respecting both. Maybe that's what it's about too. Not always about the belief, but about you respecting others beliefs, even if they're different than yours. I think that's what He really hopes for.

Listen to me, all churchy. You see what I mean? When was the last time I actually wrote about my feelings on my Faith?

G-d wants me back, He misses me.

So I thought, hmm, what could I give up for 40days?
Definitely not you guys.
Not this.
Not FB..

but, I think I could give up anger. At least expressive anger? Uh, anger isn't the same as crabby. I am, after all a crusty mom-e.
I would though, I would love to walk 40 days without expressing anger or frustration. You know how in tuned you'd have to be with yourself to focus on that? I might forget to blog.

But, if it helps keep that warm and fuzzy feeling in my body, even if it's blended, I'm okay with that.

I miss Him too.


Jamie said...

What a beautiful post. I think giving up anger is a grand idea. Big hugs to you. :)

Real Live Lesbian said...

I love that idea.

And I'm a blender of faiths, too. I just believe what I want to.

KathyA said...

I've never heard of eating lots of donuts on Shrove Tuesday, but can understand why some might feel compelled to do so.
I've also never given anything up for Lent -- have thought about it -- but then promptly forget...

Cheryl said...

I love how you observe and respect both of your faiths. It makes you an enlightened woman and such a role model for your children, extended family, etc.

Most people give up things like sweets for Lent. Anger, huh? I'd say my expressive anger is under control. It's the inner anger I need a handle on, and it's only with one person, but the most important one. Can't wait till the teen years are over and she becomes a person with some empathy.

Palm Springs Savant said...

I think its great that you embrace both faiths. There are wonderful traditions within each culture.

The Window Watcher said...

I actually am attempting to give up cursing.....and I'm failing miserably.
Being a truck driver is tough sometimes.