Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I've been "away" for this long. I have been working on a few projects.
For one, I'm trying to adjust to the new school schedule beginning Thursday.
Because my youngest is now part of the Public School System as a happy Kindergartner on an IEP.
He's ready.
I'm not.

Now, my first grader, he's not ready.
My fourth grader, well, he's so balanced that I worry that he's too ready.
He'll be fine.

All of them will.
I don't know if I'm ready.


They're letting go of my hands. Avoiding hugs like the plague. Wiping my goodnight kisses on their pillows.
Asking to wear Deoderent. Looking at Boobs.
Preparing for Advanced Gifted Classes. Asking for the "shampoo and steam/massage and relax" package at the SportsClips where they have their hair cut. Talking about marriage. Understanding the word: "mating." But only from the animal perspective. Using goofy words like "that's beast," for when something is cool.
Watching hot Disney Girls sing on tv. Lady Gaga lyrics known.

There's so many more.

Having Jack smell the different deoderants, showing him what happens when it gets on clothes ("GASP! I Can't have that paste on my football Jersey's Mom!!!")and guiding them towards "older guy" man shampoo and body wash. I am almost through the five stages of grief, when dealing with "Son's That Stop Hugging." Melting when they ask me NOT to wash their pillowcase (because my kisses are always on it). Discussing the likes and dislikes of hot mint scented towels wrapped around them and having one son suggest that they let you "pick a bright scent" because the mint was too spicy. Noticing that Jack and Ben loves Blonds and Sullivan loves Jet Black long haired exotic boobs with legs.


Happyone:-) said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I guess I'm lucky in that my son always liked hugs and never cared who saw. He never did go through that stage when he was embarrassed by me. He has just turned 39 and still gives me a hug and kiss when I see him. : )
Now, my daughter, she is a different story.

Nice to see you posting again.

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Moohaa said...

Aww.. I love this post. I feel like I'm living it too. My kids are older but I understand. My 10 year old constantly talks about when he moves out and having his own house. My 14 year old is finally noticing girls and loves to point out when they notice him.

I get hugs and kisses at home, but in public... good Lord no. My oldest walks arm in arm with me... he's a Mama's boy. My youngest... my baby. Won't let me hold his hand for NOTHING. That kills me.

Hugs friend.

And thank God for deodorant!