Saturday, October 22, 2011


It's a new day. When she approaches the cold bathroom floor and faces the mirror she feels good.
She advances upon the mirror ready to face her image, all crows feet puffs and bloated age spots. But she feels good. It's a new day and she's doing something new. She's improving her implementation quotient (FABULOUS BOOK btw!!), finally. It takes her awhile in certain areas of her life to improve this particular IQ part of her life. You see she has this type of personality that can compliment one another but at times hinder her own potential. The part that tends to hold back her IQ is the "I'll just let it go," "it's not worth it," "I'm not going to be drama," "yes it sucks bone ball bags that I've been excluded yet again, but oh well, I have so many other wonderful opportunities to focus on.."

Eventually the nice part of her personality so willing to get a few scratches, after all, they compliment her crows feet and bloat, will tire of this. Eventually the IQ wins out and slowly her personality works together to improve her confidence and ability to speak up..She doesn't want to stand out. She wants to help. She doesn't want the applause. She wants to help to earn others applause.

As we know, life doesn't always work out that way.
But on this day, it will.

Her image set to paint, her hands without the caffeine shake early in the morning, she begins to apply her strong face. Not worried how it will turn out, whether the recent return to her natural roots will prove challenging, whether there will be a light beige line along her jawbone. She is excited and prepared.
She is almost done with this part of the ritual. The application of her face. As she sweeps bristles of promise across her cheeks, laughing to herself that soon enough her real colors will glow out of nerves, giving her the perfect miss piggy cheek glow, but it's okay.

She's doing something new about something old that has been going on long enough. The reason this time? Not for her benefit, but because of how strongly she believes this will benefit a great group of people.
As her hands don't fail her, and her grasp is gingerly wrapped around the paint that provides an enhanced eye curl, she remains prepared.

The moment presents itself. She is prepared. She provides her purpose and the plan, and of course as she is always better on paper then she is verbally, she does have moments of scatterbrain blush and before long the scarlet vine creeps up her neck. But that doesn't bother her. She knows it's part of her. Even when she glimpses the person across the table taking quick glances at the quick growing blotchy vine of neck flush, she is okay with that. For this is her. This is her with the scratches, and the IQ.

The moment is approved. She is so excited for what this will do to help individuals learn visually the meaning of certain events that occur throughout the year.

Then Hilly shows up.
The Hilly that has been 90% of the reason she's worn the scratches the past year. Hilly tries to bully the plan. She tries to belittle. She uses power names.

The project still is in place.

Hilly loves the letter "I." She loves applause and all that glitters, but for some reason she does not like me.
She is unwise as we are part of one group, and if she were to use her own gifts, as she does have them. For example her ability to implement something is outstanding. Very admiring.
Yet Hilly refuses to realize the influence and vision that the splotchy scratched vine neck could bring.

She represents a number of other words that also lines up with the name "serial bully." But, again, Red Vine Neck looks at the benefits this strong woman demonstrates...everyone has good.

But Hilly. No oh no will she allow Red Vine Neck to use her hands. She refuses to see the benefit Red Vine Neck could be to her, and instead demonstrates behavior only visible to Red Vine Neck. She plays the role well. She picks the right friends.

Sadly, even though the project is in motion, Hilly is still causing drama. She's trying to make it difficult for Red Vine Neck to succeed. Judging from the history between the two, typically Hilly wins because Red Vine Neck refuses to cause any problems.

Tragic that something so magical, that could help bring such good to so many people, is still being impacted, by her.

Even worse, she has this ability to make it seem as though Red Vine Neck, is the one at fault,

Me and also that favorite letter of hers: "I."

 I'm causing the issue. I need to come to her. I need to send her all the information and she will look it over. There is no degree of power in relation to this one project. Yet the irony of bullying being on the front line of the schools this year, despite the fact that bullying is older then the dirt that makes up the farmers field behind our home, is that there are so many Mom's being bullied by so many Hilly's.

This Hilly has power. So far she has yet to taste the magic of a homemade baked pie.

Will it ever end?
Maybe bullying between students and children will. But something tells me that the "Hilly's" of the world, of the school, will never stop. The majority of them, winning on their game plan of exclusion.

I just don't understand why.

I never guessed that even when you give a good project a good cause, a bully in their late 30's will try to make your life miserable. Instead of realizing that I am happy to give her all the light, I don't want the light, she can say it was her idea for all that matters, I just want to participate in the project itself.

And so the wait for the pie man continues...
I would like to hope that there are some women out there without a "Hilly" in their life."

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