Saturday, January 20, 2007

Coffee Grinds and Bowling Balls

B:"There's nothing you can do about." V: "Yeah, that's not good." "GLOBAL you smell that fitness baby?...."you gotta burn it to earn it...."."Garrrr." "Average Joes"................"Joanie loves Chachi.." "DODGEBALL!!" I don't care what you say about that movie. Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller are absolutely hilarious. My dad doesn't know it yet, but this will be one of his favorite movies in say, oh, 10 years.

I LOVE walking into my parents home. The minute you walk in, you're met with the smell of memories. I can't explain it, but as we all know, every home has their own smell. Wonder why we can't smell our own home?

I walked into my parents home, my childhood home, Saturday morning. My big dog had "arranged" for me to have a nice cup of Joe and the managers special with my mom. Walking in with the paper under my arm, 2 manager specials, a Boston creme, french cruller, and a small cup of white chocolate hot chocolate I couldn't WAIT to delve into that chocolate manager special.

A perfectly glazed donut with rainbow sprinkles delicately spread over the top of this chocolate frosting wonderland. The donut itself is so fluffy and light it's as if the glaze is a melting pot of sugar that just dissolves into the open arms of your taste buds. So with the sweetness of the special, the scent of hazelnut creme coffee grounded up and percolating and an am hug to my parents, we sat down for a nice hour of conversation.

If you can manage this with your parents, I recommend you do so. You may not be a morning person, so surprise your mom with a cup of soup for lunch, or some little bakery cookies in the afternoon. Having that time Saturday morning, made my entire day all the better. Thank you mom and dad for the warm conversation, the warm hugs and kisses and the peacefulness that was unconditionally provided between a daughter and her parents.


BOWLING! Easy concept, isn't it? Seems simple, yet, have you ever seen it attempted by a 5y ear old? My eldest son was invited to his "girlfriends" birthday party. She's a classmate of his and he's always had a thing for blonds..go figure. Just like his dark haired Jewish daddy. So, with the bumpers in place, my 5 year old walked up to the lane with such confidence it brought tears to my eyes. In his hands was the bright red shiny 6lb bowling ball. Now, if you've ever seen "DIRTY DANCING," you'll understand the comparison. I could hear the quote running through my head.."I carried a watermelon!!?" He proceed to launch that ball not underhand, but overhand, like he had a bucket of water that he needed to dump out..WHAM THUMP! For as intense as that shiny rocket was launched, it sure took it's time wandering down the aisle, slowly, as if contemplating whether or not it was in the mood to do it's job. Finally after much thought that red snail clinked down a pin or two. Contended that it's job was done, he disappeared beneath the rack ready to hop on the escalator to be assaulted one more time by that 5 year old boy.

What surprised me was the look that my son had carried on his tender face. He was so happy, it was as if he just found out that his Mommy's beloved Chicago Bears had won the Superbowl. Simple, two pins. He didn't knock them all down, just two, and he was as happy as if he'd just found the hidden matzoh at Gramma's house for Passover. What a lesson to follow. I truly believe that we as parents can learn a lot about life from our children. The simplicity of it all. They did their job, and based on his launch he gave it 100%. Even though the outcome wasn't 100%, the attempt was. Too many times we're disappointed because the outcome of something isn't 100%. How well do you manage the launches of red bullets in your life?

Welcome to Crusty beef.
I still have PND but I'm feeling special.


Baleboosteh said...

I know what you mean about the 'smell' of homes. Although we moved many times and I no longer have my 'childhood' home to visit, I do have the same feeling of memories flooding back when I go to my grandparents home and walk in the door to the waft of their home's smell. I guess it is kind of like hearing a song on the radio the way that that can bring back memories too.

BTW, I am sure your 5 yr old is a much better bowler than I am!


THANKS BALABOO!! Great point about songs! So very true!

austere said...

So pretty! How could I ever eat that?

they're the terrific trio, right? Gotta be special.