Friday, January 19, 2007

"Harey" flakes

Ahhh, I love waking up after it's snowed throughout the night. You always have a sense of the white innocence without even peeking through your bedroom curtains. The stillness, the quiet of the snow. It's as though you're in a sound booth- a buffer to all sounds around it.

Laying awake in bed before the sun and sons open up their puffy eyes to the world, I can hear the sound of a train out in the distance. Although we're within walking distance to the train station, after a snow fall the whirring sounds of the predawn train sounds as if she's miles away, rather than blocks.

Finally winning the match against my many pillows (8 to be exact) and my 1000 thread count don't wake me, I'll wake you, Egyptian cotton sheets, I sit up and peer around our very useful black out shades. To my surprise, it didn't stop our wonderful backyard critters from frolicking around. I wonder if they woke up their mother and asked to go "out and play?" "Please mother, please, can't I run around Mrs. F's backyard for a little bit?" "I promise I won't knock down her green $5 plastic lawn chair again!" With much coaxing and whining having been granted permission from their mother, that little bunny and the likes of other Backyardigans frolicked under the faint glare of the moon as the snow lightly blanketed our backyard.

Funny thing, though. That little rabbit DID knock down our chair-again. But neither the big dog nor I heard it. Not a peep. Our backyard floodlights weren't triggered as the animals danced about. Here, there, and under that, Over that. Imagine, in slow motion, a rabbit running across the yard. Picture him planting his front paws on the ground, one after the other in a line. He leaps, and his two back feet come down together, side by side in front of the line of the first two prints. He leaps again and again to repeat the pattern, over and over.

Dancing about....

And yet the leftovers of their midnight dance offers such peacefulness to look at. What a wonderful way to wake up.

Welcome to Crusty beef

I'm hare today, gone tomorrow.

The weather is HARE! Wish you were beautiful.



Anonymous said...

I love coming into work and reading your blogs. It has given me new insight into the brain of my beautiful wife. Great writing and such a wonderful topic. Positive!!!!!

austere said...

that rabbit picture is SOO lovely. A six, please?