Monday, January 29, 2007

Dials and Tickets

"Is it worth it?"

"I'll just try one more time."

"How the hell do these people make it through?"

"I deserve these more than the likes of Joe and Pam!!"


That was me this morning, (still IS me) from 7am until roughly 5minutes ago when I began writing Monday's post.

Those are the thoughts running through my head this morning.
I can't tell you how many attempted dials, though.

But what I CAN tell you is that my 2 year old is looking at me like I am officially bonkers.

Okay, so I've tried winning Superbowl tickets on the Eric and Kathy morning show. There are 40 envelopes, each one a winner, and I figured what the heck, why NOT TRY?? Sure, I'm one pack of cigarettes closer to that guy from "ONCE CRAZY SUMMER," but why not try?

I'd take my Big Dog! We'd have sooo much fun. After all, we only LIVED in Miami for 3years. We could use the opportunity to visit family and enjoy some MUCH NEEDED Rest and Relaxation.

Who's in charge of the children? Well, that's a hurdle I'd LOVE to cross if only I'd get through to these radio hosts.

Back to the "each is a winner" envelopes. There is only ONE envelope that holds the tixs to the game, flights, hotel, expenses. The rest are random gift cards to area stomping grounds, Buona Beef (GREAT VANILLA SHAKES!!) and other places that even I'd be happy to win. Funny, these people that are winning these $25-$5o dollar gift certificates seem pissed. Seriously, be grateful! Selfish bastards! As MUCH as I'd love to win the prize of all prizes, I'd be just as happy to say the least be labeled caller 9. Sure, one call short of caller 10, but still, the anticipation of it all, is what makes it so exciting!!

It's like planning a vacation. The "looking forward to" is so much fun! Not to say that the actual vacation isn't-because it is. But the moment you step foot on your vacation, you're one step closer to going home. The "orange spot," as my family refers to it, is looming. But the best part is the anticipation. It allows you to feel like a child again. For those brief months or weeks, your mind relaxes. There's an at peace to your every day life. Why? Because you're going on vacation! Because you're caller 9. You're one step closer to it all.

So, don't give up on opportunities to "improve" your caller status. Don't forget to allow your mind to anticipate the trip that you've been saving for over 18months. Nothing aggravates me more when I hear people say, "I won't be excited until I'm there."


Why not be proud of what you have to look forward too? Why not be happy about the upcoming outing? Allow yourself to anticipate! Anticipating is the next best thing to being "caller 10!!"

So, anticipate!

Make the attempts too!

Just hold off on joining my bandwagon of Superbowl attempts. I have my # picked out, and the explanation of why I'm choosing this "said" number-should Eric and Kathy ask me!! All this because I actually attempted at being the 10th caller. Suddenly the futile attempts to get through, make the outcome so much more enticing.

I won't care if I win a gift card.
Just to say that I tried and succeeded is enough to me.

"You'll always miss 100% of the opportunities you don't take in life."

Welcome To Crustybeef!
Pardon me while I return to the world of "Flash/Redial,Flash/Redial,Flash/Redial...!"

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Kepp dialing Playa!!!Great article very enjoyable to read. DA Bears!!!