Tuesday, January 30, 2007

People Who Live in Glass Houses

I don't have much to write about today. Nothing that grabs me as blog worthy.

This will just be little quips of random.


I was at a birthday party a few Saturdays back-correction, my 5 year old son was at a birthday party-remember that one entry regarding bowling?

That one.

Well, there was this woman there-a complete stranger to me. More on her in a bit.

As the kids did their thing,most of the moms were chatting with each other. It was truly amazing to see the different types of "mommy's" that were there. You could tell by the way they were involved, or lack there of, just what type of parent they probably are at home. There was this one mom, so energetic, cheering on all the kids as they stumbled down the alley ready to "bowl some balls!" But don't get stuck sitting next to her at a sporting event, you'll go deaf.

There was this other mom sitting away from the grouping of the party. Is she aloof? Does she think she's better than all of us "common folk" cause of the size of home that she lives in?

Then there was me standing around, gabbing with two mom's (one being the aforementioned "more on her in a bit,"). There we stood, within arms reach of our small wonders, but allowing them to be free and independent. To enjoy the feeling of fun-as long as they didn't get too nutty, we left them to enjoy being at a fun birthday party.

Throughout our chatter, the conversation evolved from kids, to husbands,homeless shelters, birthday parties, and religion. Yup, you read right-religion.

Please remember, I just met this woman roughly 5 frames ago.

So when it comes to my turn to share my religion, I share. I share both my husbands and my religion. This lovely woman proceeds to say to me, "Wow, you have a great deal of praying to do."

Excuse me?

I have praying to do????

I launched into my beliefs of our household and how we feel it's feasible to teach our sons about diversity and acceptance and that although people "speak in different tongues" you can still "love thy neighbor as thy self,.." speech.

I pray for improving myself as a person, as a wife, as a mother. I pray for the well being of everyone-even those that have hurt me. I turn the other cheek. I DON'T pray over a difference of religion.

This woman clearly isn't educated enough in her faith.

Regardless of what faith it is!

Sure, I can see why there could be issues, but doesn't love conquer all?

Because our children will be raised ultimately in an interfaith family, could that possibly help them accept others differences later on in life?

We have faith that it will. Ironically, the religious faith differs, but our faith in our family-our children-in each other-remains the same.

This woman needs to evaluate her own "stones" before throwing them into my house.

Yet I too need to re-think my stones!

Could be that my observation of the mommy with the mansion is just extremely extremely shy rather than being above all of us.

Now as far as that other "you have a lot of praying to do," woman, I need to really hope that through her faith she'll be shown some wisdom through G-d.
But until then, I'll just continue to "have a lot of praying to do"-for her!!

Welcome to CRUSTYBEEF~
I may be diverse but I throw my own stones as well.
And at least I came up with a worthy blog entry versus random quips!

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