Monday, February 05, 2007

Because it's the Bears

Is it me, or does it seem like the Superbowl has become this "who's who in celebrity status?"
A common marching ground of bandwagons and their posse.
Who'll be at the playboy party?
Who'll win the Go-kart race sponsered by probably Pepsi or Cocacola?
-David Spade? -he did look pretty out of it when the camera's panned the crowd during the game yesterday.
Or maybe Ryan O'Neal? Naww, not him, he's in jail for assaulting his son-Tatum's brother.

Or is it just more obvious because it's the bears that played? Granted they lost, and we'll let the blame game begin, but it just seems as though the Superbowl what at one time was a game against the best of the best. Is now a "who's who" and "who's wearing what" (or lack there of) wardrobe/makeup gala.

Makes me sad.

But those commercials..WOWEE!
I'm sorry, but the one with the Snickers bar and the men kissing made me nervous. I mean, come on, I'm watching the game with my parents and children after all.

Did you like the Dorito's commercial? Did you know that it was filmed by a group of 22 year old kids and the total cost out of pocket for them was $12? They filmed it on rollarblades.
That one, I enjoyed.

The Emerald nuts commercial, and Honda commercial I could've done without.
The Jessica Simpson commercial-irritated me. Move on. Your as old news as your last years commercial of cheeseybites.

The Kevin Federline commercial?
Surprisingly funny. I'm proud of how he can poke fun at himself. Might as well, right? Since everyone else is doing it.

Did I miss any? What were your favorites? Thoughts on the entire hoopla?

More on that on a later blog.
I'm still processing how to put my political thoughts into words.

Do something different. The year/month/day of making a difference.
Do something nice for someone.
My Aunt did today, have you yet???
I just ask ONE favor of you.
Be nice today.
It's too cold out to be mean.
Tell someone thank you-for no reason. Not even to see their response.
Just say thank you.
Welcome To Crustybeef~
I'm very chillywilly today.

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Anonymous said...

Once again Cruty beef has come up with a great, entertaining blog. keep it up. they are so fun to read.