Friday, February 02, 2007

Blue and Orange

My two year old son LOVES cupcakes. They sell the most delicious mini cupcakes at our local grocer. Usually they're the combo of white frosting, yellow cake with mini swiggly multi-colored toppings.

With the Bears in The SUPERBOWL SUPERBEARS game this coming Sunday they're now making those frosty delights with blue and orange dyed frosting with alternating sprinkles in orange and blue.

My two year old LOVES cupcakes. He loves the blue ones with the swirls of blue frosting wrapped up like a mountain summit with little orange sprinkles.


Today was dress up and support the bears day at my 5 year olds school. I felt guilty because all season long my sons have not worn any bears shirts. So rushing around the other nite I managed to find one at TARGET-unfortunately there was only one. Suffice to say, the two year old didn't get to wear one, and he was not happy. He wanted a bears shirt like his big brother. He wanted to wear one today like his big brother.

Not happening.


Getting ready to take my oldest to school is always an interesting mission. Especially today with the tantrum of the two year old over bears gear.

Just as soon as I had all three boys with coats, mittens, the entire kit and caboodle a rather odd stench wafted up my nose.

Process of elimination:
5year old is potty trained
6month old has distinct smells with baby food and soy formula
ding ding, two year old

Much to my surprise when I opened up that lovely gift-

I guess he got his way and was able to "wear" Bears colors afterall.

Moral of the story:
Don't give your child blue and orange cupcakes unless you want a mess to tend to.

Welcome to Crustybeef
I am definitely crusty after that dye job.


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Anonymous said...

LOL funny. It was so gross. It was so weird that his butt was blue. Only firec... Love ya