Thursday, February 08, 2007

Had one Lost one

Had a great blog today.
Was about a man that created a website last year called
He listed his plans for proposal-a beloved 2.5$mil slot during the superbowl. Donations will be accepted on his site.
PayPal is available.


Introducing himself to the world.
Speaking about his bride to be.
Asking for his brides hand in marriage.
In roughly 30seconds.


Didn't happen.
And neither did my blog.


I wasn't smart enough to save the "create post" when things got started this morning.
I wasn't smart enough to close down my window when around my very curious 2 year old. Nor when my 5year old starts trolling around looking to play musical notes on the computer.

MY FAULT, I just failed to back up my post.
This guy was smart. He managed to stay hidden in the dark shadows while appearing on Entertainment today, sometime last year. Also using a voice changer should she actually be watching that particular episode.

His commercial didn't happen during the superbowl. But it did happen during his fiance's favorite show, Veronica Mars.

She said YES! My only thought that I feel like posting here is, how the hell did he get away with appearing on numerous shows without telling her? What'd he say, "I'll be back later hon, I've got to work late, tonight."
I on the other hand, forgot to press SAVE! A marvelous creative posting on the likes of proposals, and I forgot to keep a draft somewhere. So this is all you're going to get today. Just a blurb of what should of been the "SHE SAID YES, one."

Welcome to Crustybeef~
I am really annoyed today. I don't like self promotion of any kind!

**By the way, he plans on donating the money that was "raised" to a children's hospital in Nashville. **

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