Monday, February 26, 2007

Honeymoon Stage

You know how, when you first start dating someone you get that honeymoonie feeling?

You don't want them to see your imperfections, your gassy tendencies, whether or not you're a nose picker, if you snore...your insecurities - the bad and uglies.

It's very similiar as to when you're put in charge of another child, for a few days.

One more little friend mixed in with the likes of your own little ones.

A child that is a friend of your sons, a cousin, nephew, you get the idea?

There's a type of honeymoon feeling that arrives, yet from a parental standpoint.

What do I mean?

Put it simply: you don't want to be that "mom" that's scolding the children at every corner, so you transform your parental skills into what I like to call the HPCW or "honeymoon period of child watching." It's refreshing to undergo that transformation, it's as if you've had a new awakening.

Fresh new idea's.

Not to mention your own children enjoy the change. After all, they're used to "crabby mommy," or "tired mommy," or "go to your room," mommy.

The idea's that surface in your 3lb wealth of knowledge is quite astonishing when you have another child under your watchful eye.

Taking four boys ages 5, 5, 2, and 7months to the respected fast food arches, would usually be a task that only the strong could manage. But mix in another child, and it becomes, well, it becomes, FUN!!

The children lined up in their little duckling row, each outing, swapping the selective "LINE LEADER, COAL MAKER and CABOOSE label."

It was amazing at how much those boys got into the "line leader "process."

Or when it was bathtime...

-Fresh Ideas

Meal time....

-Fresh Ideas

It was truly refreshing.

There was no yelling, or scolding, or using the much overused phrase, "go to your room-NO SNACK FOR YOU," phrase.

It was blissful and wonderful!

It's great when you have an opportunity to watch another child for a few days, puts your own Parental "Tendencies" into perspective. It makes you take a step back, assimilate the situation and breath.

What are some of your memories when left in charge of someone else's child?(or children?)

What type of transformation did you undergo having that child under your care?

Welcome To Crustybeef~
I am missing my gem-my 5 year old cousin~

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