Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Life with children.
Some days are very very good days.
Some days are very very bad. (Do I sound like Dr. Seuss from HOP ON POP??)

Yesterday was a "I THINK I can manage, but I STILL need to freak out a bit."

Yesterdays Time line:

At roughly 1:00am we had two stragglers appear at our door. Time line separating the two "guest appearances" were roughly 2-4hours. First the five year old.

Apparently the site of the Big bug eyed freaky fish in ONE FISH TWO FISH absorbed into his subconscious wrecking havoc on his imagination. Yes, he was frightened over the fish.

Next up on the list, our two year old, Sullivan.

Appearing at the door with his favorite "blank" wrapped around his head in that new "sheik" style, he appeared to be extremely uncomfortable. After further investigating (which didn't take long) turns out that he had a nice little marathon going on with the mucus from his nose. Like the 50 yard dash, that runny goup made a straight bee line from the nostrils cascading beyond his upper lip. In such glamours and glorious of colors: the dreaded "he's getting sick" colors.

So, we had two children in our little zen haven of a room. I understand now why king beds were created. (God bless that inventor!!)

Going forward as the sun pushed itself through the cold clouds, the only heat around coming from Sullivan's forehead. Yup,I knew we were in for a special round of cold versus kid.

Then I noticed the dreaded crustiness around the eyes. The look of someone that had just spent the entire night drinking every tequila shot given to him, only to vomit with such force it broke blood vessels in the eyes.

GREAT!! Now it's just the matter of process of elimination: pink eye, eye cold or conjunctivitis. (My guess was A or C from the looks of things.)

To add more twists to this fabulous roller coaster, my oldest started soccer yesterday. From 10:10-10:50 he can go get the crap kicked outta his shins with other 4-6 year old kids.

"But, it'll good for him," says Bigdog.

Sure, he doesn't have to deal with the schlep of it all. More on THAT, later.

So with Sullivan sick, I had to figure out how to manage yesterdays morning.
A) Call my mom and ask her to come sit here with Sullivan and Ben so I can take Jackson to soccer as well as school at 12:30.
Pros of option A: Problem solved. I won't feel guilty having missed his first class and I know Sulli and Ben are in good hands with my mom being here.
Cons of option A: My mom could catch the dreaded pinky runny crustiness. Plus she'd have to leave work and she just had arrived at work when I was talking to her.

B) Call my brother on his cell and ask him to take Jackson to soccer and stay there as well as drop him off at school-at 12:30.
Pros of option B: Problem solved-my brother will make it fun and Jackson will be happy to go prowling around with Uncle J.
Cons of option B: My brother's usually working out in the am, and will call back, and will be there in a heartbeat-just as soon as he returns the call. So waiting is the Con and unfortunately this saga erupted around 8:45 am so I only had an hour to sort through the drama.

C) Call a fellow friend and ask them for their help.
Pros of option C: problem solved. She lives a block away, her son is also in that am soccer class.
Cons of option C: we're just beginning a friendship, and I feel guilty asking her for help when she has 3 of her own to shuffle around.

In between Option A and B, dear Sullivan decided it was time to vomit all over the kitchen floor. Oh well, at least it wasn't on the realtor beige carpet, or himself. Somehow he managed to project it all on the honey colored hardwood. I'm thankful-I am.

Like I said, I knew that I would manage this am drama somehow, as I've always done in my life, but I still felt this urge to just FREAK OUT.

So, being the pain in the rear wife that I can be at times, I called my beloved and began this ranting of "what am I gonna do..." "He needs shin guards, I didn't even make it to the store to pick some up." "I can't leave him in there alone." "I don't want my mom getting sick." "I don't know when Uncle J will get back to me." "I don't want to burden someone." ARRRGGGGHHH!!!

Oh, did I MENTION that it was bigdog's 34th birthday, yesterday?

So, for Bigdog's 34th, he woke up to two children tucked in between us. To his cell phone ringing at quarter of 9 listening to his wife complain about the drama's of the tasks at hand.

FUN times for all!

I forgot to throw in the call to the pediatrician. Now, having recently switched Ped doctors strictly due to location, I was unfamiliar with the new ped's procedures. Our previous pediatrician, when one of the children were stricken with what appears to be pink eye, would make it simple and call in a prescription to our pharmacy. Obviously to prevent the transfer of that virus or bacteria infection onto other children arriving to see the dreaded doc.

Nope, not this new office. They had to see him. Forget the fact that there's a nasty flu bug going around. Forget the fact that I have two other children to care for. Nope, Had to see him.
SO, one more thing to add to the growing list of frustration.

Here's how I it looked on paper:

Jackson -soccer between 10:10-10:50
The pediatrician's office- Sullivan at 11:20
Jackson-school at 12:30

As I said at the beginning of this post, I KNEW I'd manage it somehow. I always do. But I needed to vent about it, to bitch about it to someone. It's my job, but sometimes I get the feeling that people (other than SAHM's) don't compare "my work" to being a job. Therefore shunning you when you, "gasp, how could you complain about staying home and raising children," vent. So tell me, because I don't have a PAYCHECK, means that I'm not equally permitted to complain to someone about how hectic my day is? Those of you with paychecks find many things to bitch about your day.

The boss calls a late meeting.
The project you're working on is postponed.
You didn't get that account you worked so hard for.
You have to log your own expenses and not rely on the admin to do it.
The phones haven't stopped ringing all day.
No ones buying a thing.

Those are typical valid workplace complaints that obviously vary based on your line of work. But face it, you're allowed to vent, so should the mom's that stay home.
The problem is, when we do vent, we tend to vent to those closest to us-our spouses, significant others, our partners. They don't always see it as venting. They see it as us complaining about how "nice it is" that they can just "go to lunch here," or, "have dinner with this client there." They, at times, take it as us forging a personal attack on their innermost genetic makeup. They're abilities as the working part of the household. But that's not the intent!! Trust me, it isn't!

If you're allowed to vent about your job, so can the SAHM's.

The funny part about all of this is, on my beloved 34Th's birthday, he allowed me to vent. He worked with me, as acting project manager, to help solve the tasks at hand. He surprised me and took a half day from the office to be at home with his family.

My 34 year old husbands only wish for his birthday was to spend it with his puking crusty eyed nose running middle child, his soccer kicking eldest, his cranky 7month old baby, and his whiny wife.

I sure am lucky, huh?
I sure know that. You don't have to remind me. He's truly the definition of actions speaking louder than words.

So, how did the day end up panning out? I managed as I said I would.
I contacted the fellow block away mom who's son is also in this soccer class,and asked if she could walk Jackson in and keep an eye on him. (She was going to be there anyways due to her son being in the same class.)Meanwhile, I'd remain in the car, in the parking lot, with the baby and Sulli. After soccer was done, I loaded Jackson up, and we headed over to the doctor's office for Sullivan's 11:20appt. We sat for awhile, but reading The 10 books we read, while sitting there, made the time just fly on by.

We left the pediatrician's office at 12:05. (So much for quickly)

Just enough time to drive through McDonald's and pick up lunch for the oldest, giving him the treats of all treats; EATING FOOD IN THE CAR!! I drove straight to his school, and had arranged to have a fellow mom meet me out in the parking lot with her daughter, and walk him into school. Again so I wouldn't have to take the other two kids in and out of the cold.


At roughly 2pm, my beloved walked in the door, ready to spend the rest of his birthday around sick and extremely needy children.

Gosh, I love him.

Welcome to crustybeef~
I am blessed to have a husband like him.
Incidently, Sulli does have pink eye, the flu and a cold. As mentioned above,

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Thank you!!!SAHM is the hardest job there is. You do a fantastic job and the boys are very lucky.. Keep up the great work. You are do for a raise....