Thursday, March 01, 2007


"This is why God makes them so damn cute when they're little... so you don't squish 'em like flies."
Said the mom of one.
A fantastic friend of mine, experiencing life with a toddler, and she couldn't have said it any better.
What runs through your mind when thinking of a perfect quote for the children of today? Please share with us at crusty, we love reading them, so send them to us! We'll even post them in a future blog!
The other evening I opened up a brand new plastic bottle of TROPICANA Pomegranate and Blueberry juice. Otherwise referred to as POM juice. Great branding idea! After all, trying to say POMEGRANATE is time consuming, and if you're a parent with little ones you're all about efficiency and time management. So the smart marketing exec's at Tropicana decided to transform this magical juice into a consumer friendly package. After designing the bottles, they needed something with a catch all phrase, hence the word, POM Wonderful! They say that the packaging is unique and the word POM will eventually become the catch all name for this fruit.
I believe that.
Have you tried it yet?
I was too, until I decided on a random whim a few weeks ago to join the bandwagon of POM drinkers.

To my surprise it's very good. *PLEASE NOTE, I DO NOT WORK FOR TROPICANA.*
There are however, a few CONS
1) The bottle is pretty, but it's also fairly flimsy and soft. Upon pouring the first glass of POM juice, the bottle inhaled it's plastic therefore resulting in a waterfall of reddish grape antioxidant juice all over my kitchen counter.

2) The Juice itself will stain your fresh new sponge. I don't know why I have this issue with sponges. But I LOVE clean fresh crispy sponges. I always feel a bit of sadness after using them for the first time. Their innocence has been tarnished by the coloring of POM.

3) The Juice will not disappear off of your counter with just soap and water. You'll need to call out the mac of Macdaddy cleaners, cue CLOROX wipes!
So, if you're interested in improving your children's juicy health, by all means, this juice is fabulous.
Just keep the cups in the kitchen.
Unless you want a nice POM stain on your "realtor beige" carpet.



Did you see the stained countertop? YIKES!

Remember I told you about how our Sullivan wraps his blanket around his head?
Well, figured I'd show you the picture:
This picture captured the overall sick essence of our Sulli, pink eye, sniffles and all.


He likes to stick his blankie into his ear and roll it around..wonder what the fascination is with that. I do recall as a child with my special "blank" how I'd love the smell of it. I'd also rub the blankie above my upper lip taking in the scents of the day. Odd, crusty, yeah, I know.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
I am not as Crusty as Sulli's pink eye, but I'm getting there.~


Anonymous said...

hope sullivan feels better! he looks so sick. :( tell him aunt denise hopes he feels better!!

Anonymous said...

Pomegranate is also good for your husband's prostate gland. As y'all get a tad older things like that will need tending to.

Conversely, cranberry juice is good for bladder problems such as many women have.

Just a helping hint or two.



Thanks UD AND AD! Pom juice is great for the P and B..thanks for the tips. And thanks for being my top fans!