Wednesday, April 11, 2007

April Showers

I mean SERIOUSLY!!!!

Sure we had a very gentle Christmas season with temperatures ranging in the mid 50's..made moving very easy, that's for sure.

However, it's April 11Th and we woke up to the most impatient snow flakes covering our entire yard and driveway. It's not the pretty type of snow either, it's that nasty slushy ugly stuff that nails your forehead and hurts like hell.

Poor Bigdogg had to walk to the train station in this weather.

My 76 year old Gramma (in law) is flying in tomorrow from West Palm Beach Florida, and she's NOT going to like these cold temperatures.

We call her heated blanket the kidney dialysis machine because of all the intense wires and hook ups that help keep her warm at night. (She lives in Florida and uses a heated blanket, so you can imagine how chilly it will be for her here in Chicago.)

But life never ceases to amaze me especially through the relationship I have with her. Her love of life. Her love of us and her three beloved great grandsons.

When we had our third son this past July, she flew in with my mother in law (her daughter, obviously) and stayed to take care of the older boys while I delivered Benjamin. Now, how many 76 year old woman do you really know that will do that for their granddaughter in law and grandson? Her energy is can't help but be drawn to the warmth and giving nature that our "Nana," my bubbe, has.

So even though these temps outside are definitely not "April showers brings May flowers," at least I'll have the warmth and comfort only a 76 year old vibrant grandma can give.

Welcome to Crustybeef~
Be ready to read about the adventures of Nana and I in the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Nana Loves you so very much because of how special you make her feel. Thank you!!

Katie said...

Maybe he gave the suckers to the wrong car by mistake :)