Friday, June 29, 2007

Welcoming Surprises

Nothing starts off my Friday better than a 6:00am run to our local grocer:

Hazelnut creamer
Loaf of Bread
Tangerine Orange Juice
Ground Turkey
Vitamin D Milk
2% Milk
Baby Puffs-prepackaged for our flight tomorrow
Fresh Powdered Donuts
Apple Jack Cereal-makes for a great bagged snack for my older children to nash on while stuck on a 3hour flight
A few frozen entrees- for Bigdogg to bring to work for lunch -that does NOT have any traces of TUNA in them. Therefore his office will have at least two days without that stench wafting through the cubicles up on the 18th floor.

Great Fridays start with Fun Snacks in the Pantry!!!

Obviously my boys will be more than thrilled to see a fresh Box of cereal on this Friday morning.

Bigdogg was excited to have his am fresh glass of OJ-we ran out Wednesday night.

I had my full container of Hazelnut creamer just begging to be poured in my morning wake up of Hazelnut Coffee.

Great Fridays start with full containers of Creamer!!

A knock at my kitchen door brings my mom standing on the other side smiling and popping in to say hello, drop off a check for the work I've done this past week at their company, and provide farewell kisses to her grandchildren. Not to mention Bon Voyage wishes!!

She sits down and has a cup of coffee with me as I finish feeding Benjamin his banana's, pancakes and yogurt.

Great Fridays start with unscheduled coffee breaks with your mom!!!

Time for her to leave, she kisses me goodbye, I remind her that I'll see her this afternoon at the office-"RINGRINGRINGRINGRING!!"

No surprise, that my phone is ringing. No surprise that it's ringing early in the morning. My phone is always ringing. No surprise that it's before 8:00am either. My mom laughs as she walks out of the kitchen door-no surprise there.



"Hi DAD!!! How are you?"

"Hi, Crusty!! I was just calling to say have a great time in Florida. I love you, and the boys. Please kiss the boys for me and tell them to have a great time with their Gramma Caryn and everyone else. Tell Bigdogg to have a safe trip out on Wednesday, in case I don't speak to him before he leaves.

"Oh definitely, Dad, I will!"

"Please also tell everyone I say hi!!"

"Thank You dad, I definitely will..."

"Remember, don't take your eyes off of the boys for a second at the airport. Be very careful. It only takes a second and they could be taken from someone. Alot of crazy people in this world...."(His sentence trailing off-I think he was thinking of other advice to provide-I swear I could hear his wheels turning)

"Thank you dad, You're absolutely right!! and I'll definitely take your advice."

Great Fridays start with a surprise AM phone call from your dad!!!

Especially due to the fact that:
a-he's not a phone yapper like the "rest of us."
b-it's before 8am, he's already swamped with work, calls, service issues, etc...
c-he doesn't like the phone.
d-he never really calls anyone, it's just not his thing, so when he does surprise you with a phone call, it leaves you all warm and fuzzy inside.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Other Welcoming Surprises?
+A wonderful bird feeder hand made and presented with silent love by your Uncle.
+A gift certificate for McDonald's and Starbucks from a cousin thanking you for helping her out.
+Kind words spoken to you by another Uncle thanking you for always just "being there."
+Your husband surprising you with your all time favorite candy bar-THE PAYDAY BAR!!
+Getting to talk to one of your closest friends on her afternoon break in addition to the regularly scheduled 9:15am phone call!

You'd be surprised at how many Welcoming Surprises there are in your life, if only you'd stop and look for them.


Anonymous said...

Hope that you have a wonderful time in Florida! We will miss you over the 4th. I didn't get to see you last year either! :( Love you...


Thanks Derna!
I'll give you a call before I leave tomorrow.

Baleboosteh said...

Have fun on your trip Crusty :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Crusty. I was thinking of you over the weekend. I couldn't wait to read your next blog. We'll have to get together again soon. ~ Kiki

Portia said...

what a wonderful post! i think there is no greater lesson than to enjoy the simple things in our lives.

and what a list for 6AM:)

i hope you and your family are having a fabulous and safe trip!

Portia said...

i'm back to tell you that i tagged you..check out my post from today for rules etc if you get the chance.

Mr Bagel said...

Hey Crusty when you get back, You've been tagged!

austere said...

Nice and upbeat for the am. I'm too groggy to even register stuff.

sanityrules said...

My first time on your site and I love reading your posts. You have a way with words that make the "simple" things seem so very interesting and makes me want to join you in your "simple" life.

Thanks for saying so much.


anytime, Sanity, anytime!!
Hope California is treating you well!