Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Who's To Blame?

A young girl was found murdered in a town about 35minutes south of us.

She was found a week ago this past Monday.

Shot to death and burned, she was left to decompose in a woody park area in the town of Joliet, Illinois.

When horse riders discovered her body early Monday the police were perplexed as there wasn't a single missing persons report.

Her mother recently moved to Crete, leaving her here with her rather extensive family.

It was her brother that first realized that his sister was missing. After he saw a composite sketch on TV of the victim during the news Tuesday evening, he was shocked at how much this person resembled his sister. He called the police, issuing a missing persons report. It wasn't long before they identified the body of the murder victim- it was his sister, Haqikah H. Suggs, 14 years old.

No one knew she was missing because she's always with a different relative. Everyone thought she was with someone else. The last she was seen was allegedly at an underage drinking party late Saturday night.

She was in seventh grade.

Her parents should be in jail. I know they didn't pull the trigger, nor did they put the plastic bag over her head. They didn't even light the fire that burned the lower half of her body. BUT, maybe if they'd been more aware of where she was, this could've been prevented. I don't know this family's situation, and quite frankly I really don't care to know. When you have children, regardless, you have to make it your number one role to be their watcher. Always!!!!!!

If the different family members had been more involved with each other, someone would have been keeping an eye out for her. Someone would be picking her up from school. Maybe someone could have prevented that visit to a 14-12 year old drinking party.

It took her brother, her young brother to first notice. Like I said, her parents should be in jail. No matter how messed up your family life is, no matter how dysfunctional, someone should have been watching that child.


A 20 year old gave birth to her third set of twins yesterday. THIRD SET! Naturally, without the use of injections. Her oldest was a single birth. She's been pregnant four times and now has 7 children. Both her and her boyfriend, or husband (not sure on that yet) are unemployed. They're calling it an act of God.


They've admitted to not using any means of birth control. If you're on the pill and not on any prescriptions, and you take it at the same time all the time-then it's an act of God. If you're using a condom-one that isn't expired-and it breaks accidentally-than it's an act of God. But if you're not using any means of birth control, how can you honestly say it's an act of God?

Unemployed and having more children that are part of welfare. It only makes me wonder if someday, in 12 years, I'll be reading another story about a young girl getting lost in the financially strapped overwhelmed family that had no clue as to the whereabouts of their daughter. Their daughter that was found somewhere, murdered.

And we're worried about the immigrants? What about the citizens that are making extremely poor decisions based on "acts of God?" US citizens that are completely clueless as to what their children are up to?

Who really is to blame here?

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This shit REALLY pisses me off.


Anonymous said...

You took everything I feel and put it right into words. SHAME on those parents. You need to know where your kid is, who they're with, and when they're coming home- ALWAYS

Baleboosteh said...

I can't believe noone knew that poor girl was missing... how terribly sad.

As for the 20 year old with 7 children - well what can I say? I certainly can't imagine having 7 kids back when I was 20! I wonder how many more they will end up having and how well they will all be cared for?

Anonymous said...

NO way I would go crazy with seven kids. As a parent it is very unerving that other parents do not keep better tabs on their kids. It is a sad realization that in this day and age you have to be overy cautious with you kids even if that means annoying the heck out of them. They will hopefully thank us in the long run..Your blog is very insightful. a pleasure to read.

Big Dog Dad!!!

Anonymous said...

The 14 year-old found shot and burned may never have known who her father actually was. Some families (<-word used very loosely) are such disasters that the youngsters grow up with an amalgam of males who hang around the mother and even SHE doesn't know who sired which child.

With domestic trainwrecks such as these, it's no wonder that:
1) There's little achievement in school,
2) Neighborhoods rot when several of these 'clans' are set upon the streets,
3) The cycle of chaos is perpetually repeated, and
4) The overall well-being of American society has gone down a peg in recent decades.

Locally, we can move away from these people and their uncivilized ways but, unfortunately, we can't hide. Mourn the girl and scorn her family, but keep your distance, pack heat, and look over your shoulder occasionally.


ME said...

Your blog is titled Who's to Blame? GREAT question. People have been fighting for social reform for the betterment of the world for thousands of years. It is so easily triggered. Thanks for keeping it alive.

ME said...

Great points. I did not read that particular news article all the way through (re 14 y.o. killed), but did it say this 14 y.o.'s family was on welfare? I was confused for a minute. There were several directions you were going with this blog. [Part 1 of 3}

ME said...

As I always appreciate your acute awareness in parenting, even giving most moms the benefit of the doubt, I was a little jolted about the welfare comment. I have friends on welfare (trust me, they DON'T WANT TO BE on welfare, but some people are just trying to survive)

ME said...

and I guess I can be sensitive to comments like that. Life is not fair to everyone. And yes, right is right and wrong is wrong, but maybe the 20 y.o. w/7 kids wasn't blessed with the upbringing that you, Big Dogg and I were blessed with. I'm not trying to be a downer, [cont,']

Me said...

tend to side with the underdog that wasn't equipped with the best upbringing or the best examples in life, to give them faith that you can still change, no matter what.


To "Me";
you're absolutely correct with siding with the underdog..and I do. I do consider myself very blessed. I do understand everyone has hardtimes, and you do what it takes to make it by. But, if you were broke and couldn't get a job,or not of sound mind to attempt at getting a job, and someone gave you a $1000, would you use it to go to vegas and gamble the money hoping to increase your odds?? Or would you use it to pay your bills? That's how I see this particular situation with the young 20year olds with 7children that didn't even attempt to prevent another pregnancy-they gambled, "they lost." (not saying babies are a loss, because they are a gift from God-but there comes a point when everyone should be aware of their financial situation before they intentionally get pregnant again)When you make a mistake, you should at least try to not make it again..how does it help them, if "we're enabling them" by supporting their budding family based on welfare? There are so many families that can't even have children, and this couple doesn't even try to prevent another pregnancy. If they put that much effort into finding somekind of job as they do in babymaking, they'd probably be okay. There are many options: paperroute deliverys pay roughly $225 a week plus gas allowance that the mom could do. There are many state funded childcare services that are provided for families in need which would help her find work..or, what about the boyfriend/husband? There are many mom's that by choice stay home and raise 5+children, while the husband/boyfriend drives a truck, or works for a moving company, or works nites at the local grocer to at least attempt to make ends meet.
Thanks for your honest comments..I always welcome them.

Me said...

I knew a girl in high school who got pregnant THREE times, had THREE abortions. She was a book-smart girl with GREAT upbringing, family was financially stable enough, and more importantly she had a heart bigger than life itself. She just was not equipped with the good sense to say no to her boyfriend. To most people it would seem like common sense. Keep in mind this boyfriend not one time ever forced himself on her. What this girl lacked was the right guidance and no one ever told her that he'd still like her even if she didn't put out. She had been the victim of sexual abuse as a child that she thought sex was honestly what everyone was doing and not ever talking about. She thought pregnancy was just a side affect of having sex. She felt like the unlucky gambler in that game. See, some people just honestly don't know any better.


Me, true, there are people out there that seriously lack common sense. But, in playing the devils advocate here..how did she have a great upbringing if it involved sexual abuse? Why didn't her parents or a teacher or anyone recognize this, or get help for her? Maybe she didn't say anything to anyone..but that's when I wish hs's would make more of an effort in Health class for example to discuss outlets for those that are secretly carrying such a dramatic event in their life.

I too know of someone that was the victim of both sexual and physical and emotional abuse as a young child. Yet, this individual didn't turn towards sex later on in life-a well rounded individual, a wonderful partner in marriage and a wonderful parent..this person must have been lucky, I guess.

me said...

Lucky is right. To answer your questions, my friend did tell her p's (even though she was threatened for 10 years prior to keep it to herself) and I guess I was hasty in writing that she had good upbringing, but to the average joe it would have appeared she had a nice life, like so many people we know. Everyone has problems. I honestly could not explain in detail how this girl's needs slipped through the cracks. I just know they did. And what I'm saying is it could happen to any of us.