Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Has it really been a year since we went from 2 to 3?
Has it really been a year since we introduced 3 to 2 and 1?

My baby, my Ben, my "Hamean" is now one!

But I don't want him to be one!

I want him to be that little baby that was kiwi'd from my open stomach. That little baby that when he cried, it sounded more like a cough-it was his signature.
(*he had to be kiwi'd out of me, he was stuck up hanging around near my ribcage.)
Anyhow, Ben was born on July 17th 2006 by c-section. Yes, that's now a total of 3 c-sections with one half of natural labor 2 days and 3.5 hours. The hospital we chose to deliver him in was the same hospital that I was born in 32.5 years ago. The same name, just a different location.

Delnor was a very small hospital-which I liked right away. Sure it was roughly 35minutes away, but I was having a c-section so what's the rush?

I also chose Delnor due to the anesthesiologist. My Aunt being in the medical industry worked with someone that was related to the head of anesthesiology over at Delnor.
I have yet to follow up with you about the remaining drama's from Sullivan's birth, but due to the issues I had previously during Sullivan's birth, (which I will talk about and write about eventually) I was very concerned over getting the right anesthesiologist to do their job. Thus, by the request of my Aunt, I suddenly had the head o anesthesiology administering my spinal.
Benjamin Elijah was born in the afternoon and it was an amazing experience. The hospital, kind, and small, not treating you like a corporate FedEx account, they tended to your requests.

(Bigdogg cutting umbilical cord)
Bigdogg dad so proud, stood so tall. As he know has three pups-three precious boy pups. He showed no fear, only concern for me. His passion for this family showed 3x these three!

(*Ben's first kiss!)

My sister and her three children came and sat in the waiting room, just to here the announcement of whether girl or boy. They were even able to be brought back near the nursery to view the newest member of their family.

What I appreciated the most about this particular delivery, is that within minutes after I was brought into the recovery room, Benjamin was in my arms. With my other two children I was "kept" from them until I was given my mother baby room.

I can't stress how at ease I felt with Benjamin.

The nurses mentioning that it's time for his bath-I couldn't let go of him.

His smells.
That cooing noise newborns make when they nurse.
The way their fingers clasp gently together.

The way they do their newborn dance of eyelids fluttering and suddenly like a dog dreaming, they shudder their entire body. It's always reminded me a soul being brought into a new world, and waking up. First the nerves, than the rest of the development.

I love the smell of newborns.
I love the newborn look. -Mostly no eyebrows, no eyelashes, alien like-but when they're your own, they are beautiful. As you probably already know.

I knew going into the pregnancy of this number 3, now one year old Gentle Ben, he'd be my last delivery.

My last "attempt" to produce a little girl.

My last c-section.
Maybe that's why I was so at peace this time. I savored every single moment of every single thing he did. (It wasn't until I stopped nursing months later did the PND kick in!)

Sure, I may not have written it down in the baby book, like I did for Jackson. Sure he may not have as many pictures in his photo album compared to his older brothers, but I savored him and stored every smell, every noise, every memory within my own mind.

Gentle Ben is a perfect end piece to our puzzled family. A perfect personality to be #3, not to mention being our baby.

But today he's one. I woke up early today to write all this down-I didn't want anyone to see the tears rolling down my face. I'm thankful he's healthy. I'm thankful I'm blessed-but why'd it have to go so fast? I thought I was savoring it all-in order to slow down the process of baby to boy.

He's no longer on formula-now vitamin D milk
He no longer faces the rear when driving in our car-frontfacing normal carseat
He no longer gently nurses-he wolfs down his pancakes
He's no longer that amoeba-now he's a budding toddler

But no matter how big he gets, how much he eats, or if he wants that purple corvette someday when he's in his 6plusteens, He'll still always be my baby.
My third and final son.

Happy First Birthday Dear Benjamin!
We love you!
Mommy, Daddy, Jackson, and Sullivan

Welcoming Him to Crustyland!!

(*Benjamin Being brought into the world)


austere said...

Congratulations mom, you described this just s beautifully I could see it!

Lovely pics, does the young man know he is being written about?

mjd said...

Happy Birthday to Ben. Hello, I am visiting from Corky's Log I loved your comment there.


austere: thanks so much..I hope that someday he will know how much I've written about him!!

MJD; thanks for stopping by. Nothing annoys me more than those damn on a scale of one to ten pain charts. :)


captain corky said...

Happy birthday Ben. I can smell him through his picture. New baby smell is intoxicating.

captain corky said...

P. S. My wife could write a book about how annoying she finds that question. ;)


Capt' C: thanks for the birthday greetings. I bet you're enjoying that smell right about now as well. I hope Baby "C" stays healthy for you and Allyson.

Those damn pain scales..


Anonymous said...

Where has a year gone? he is so cute and we are very blessed to have three beautiful children. wow I cant believe he is one already. Well we are done and time to move on into the second stage of life. It should be a crazy ride.....

Portia said...

this is a beautiful post! thanks so much for sharing the pictures, they radiate the joy that your words describe. i loved how you described his soul waking in a new world.

p.s..i gave birth in the same hospital i was born in as well, but it too had moved about a mile away. funny.

Cheryl said...

I love how you described Ben's birth. If he doesn't appreciate what you wrote when he grows up, his wife certainly will. Happy birth-day to you too.


No wonder our "blogs" clicked amongst each other-Bet you'll have another boy someday :) heehee.

Thank you! You're so sweet. I had forgot that when all three where born I was given a small Journal type notebook from bigdogg (I've always loved writing) and the first week I had written many things..more so their schedule..but there was one particular post that will most likely make my daughter in law cry someday. :) Thanks for the kind comments!


Anonymous said...

Gentle Ben at one. Gee, seems as if it was yesterday the little guy checked in.

Congrats and many more.................................................................................................... happy birthdays for your guys.



Thanks UD!
I had a nice visit yesterday with Punda! :)
Ben, spent his birthday upset-had his one year check up yesterday-thus the shots. :)
Glad to see you back on these posts.
I miss the signature trademark UD!