Wednesday, July 18, 2007


What's been annoying me...

Having to pay over $500 for 25minutes of peace and quiet-I mean, WHAT?*
Not looking at the Label of a SNICKERS bar and biting into it and the "nougat" is GREEN!-WHAT?**
What DOESN'T annoy me?
Cleaning up a mess of purple and white and cake and rainbow sprinkles, assaulted by a one year old boy's hands.

(you can't tell, but he also has frosting in his hair and on his forehead.)
*Today I'm having an MRI on my right knee. They believe I have a torn meniscus. Thus the closed tube for 25minutes. Need a Xanac? Nawww, like I said, over $500 for 25minutes of quiet-worth every penny.

**Not realizing that I had bit into a SNICKERS GREEN SHREK FILLING, and freaking out because I immediately thought I had swallowed nasty green mold.- Eeesh!

*my camera was set on the wrong pixels, thus making the green nougat appear yellow-still, gross, eh?

Welcome to Crustybeef
$500+ = 25min
eating Green= learning to slowdown and read labels
That's what I learned today.


Tex said...

I know the feeling.....Edy's came out with a Shrek Sludge Fudge bar with green caramel....NASTY!!!!
As for the other expenses, that's our vaunted government continuing to strangle us with overpriced health care.....It goes on and on.


Anonymous said...

When you but into that snickers bar and then noticed it was green filled whatever you call that crap your face was priceless. ben is so cute he really had fun with the cake. Enjoy all the quyiet time that you can. whether it is in a MRI machine or in the shower just enjoy. you deserve a week off.


captain corky said...

That cake looks Yummy!!!

Portia said...

i gotta find one of those green snickers;) ...and i hope whatever is up with you knee, it is manageable and not painful!


Tex-after the shock, it was a good tasting snickers bar.

Anon-I love your paydaybars
captain corky-it was good, but not as good as the "family" birthday party creamcheese cake-YUM!

Portia-It was purchased at our local grocery store. (ie: Publix, Jewel, Piggly wiggly)
my knee? hurts. managable..we'll find out early next week :(

Thanks to all for checking in on me.
Hope you're all having a fantastic day.

Anonymous said...

Have had two MRI's done on my body and SLEPT through each. No sweat. You're from sturdy stock and your knee will be A-OK!


austere said...

loved the cake. and the look on his face.

take care of the knee, pls.

we'd pay less here, but pay for all our healthcare, so...