Friday, July 27, 2007

Help This Mom To See


the beauty in dandelion bouquets
and know the importance of declaring each and every drawing
a work of art


the magic in blankets that become tents
in a backyard adventure
And stories that fall upon
sleepy little ears.


the fun of jumping on bed
and hanging upside down,
and giggles that just won't quit


especially ones who have the gift of seeing life
through the eyes of her young ill son.



So please, to all my readers, help this current mom see, all the support and prayers that surround her and her family.
You'll find mom embracing her son, with dads arms wrapped tightly around her, as they walk through this recent illness known to many as leukemia.

He was diagnosed in June, a simple visit to the doctor due to loose stools, has completely turned their life around.

Remember to embrace your own children.
It could be you that needs the reassurance that your own child will soon be well.

Remember to love your children.
Take advantage of every moment when they come begging for your attention.

Click here to read more about Luke Harmon, a wonderful boy that didn't ask for this illness.
Yet, his smiles still remain.

Welcome to Crustybeef~
Luke is a little boy that is growing up across the street from my sister. She was the one that informed me of the news that young Luke has AML. (acute myelogenous Leukemia)
There is a guest book that you are able to sign.
They are in need of many many prayers.


Portia said...

whoa. it knocks me over to hear of the little ones battling such monsters. i also know a family who has a page on caring bridge for their youngest, Joshua Hardy. his mom updates regularly and shows faith and strength that amaze and inspire me to no end. caring bridge is an awesome site.

Anonymous said...

Just makes you want to pick up the boys and hug them forever...

Andrew said...

Oh man, I clicked your link and saw the picture of Luke and it hit home. He is just a baby! That is terrible and he and the family are in my thoughts. I hope you are well Crusty and we all need to thank our lucky stars for our continued good health!



I agree, caringbridges seems like a fabulous site. I'll have to send some prayers to your Joshua!!

Anon-you're so very very true.

Andrew-that's the hardest for me, is that this little guy is so young, yet he doesn't stop smiling.

Thank you to all for the kind words!:)

austere said...

Oh my God. Will pray. Sometimes we dont know any reasons. What the family must be going through.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for getting this out there. I can always count on you.