Saturday, July 28, 2007


We all have our routines.
Things that are extremely comforting to us.

I have a few rather odd, but soothing routines that literally puts me in this sort of "feel good" mode.

I look forward to 7:30pm, and 8:15pm every evening.
Kids bedtimes!!
By this time of the evening,I'm exhausted from being home with the boys all day.

Immediately after we've tucked the boys into bed, (for the first time) I sprint to my room to find my favorite most comfy bedtime clothes. My blue-long-sleeved-cotton-maternity shirt, and my old-grey-white-paint-splattered-drawstring-cotton-rayon-target-purchased lounging sleep pants. (Which I purchased 7 years ago in the workout attire area of the store.)

My blue maternity shirt is one of the most comfy shirts I own for my bedtime clothes.

I have no problem wearing maternity clothes when I'm not pregnant.
Have you ever tried on the over sized shirts in the maternity section of your local store?
You should, they're really comfortable!!
Don't even get me started on how much I loved those kangaroo pouch maternity pants-WOW! Put those on when you know you're going to have a large dinner.

Anyhow, that's my routine, going straight for my night clothes as soon as the boys have been tucked into bed. And nothing throws me off more, if my blue shirt and gray-stretched-out-no longer-working-drawstring pants, are dirty.

Ask Bigdogg!
I get quite sullen when my favorite comfy pj's aren't clean. Lucky for me, I have a back up shirt and pair of pants, just for those occasions.

But that's my routine, and if it doesn't run as planned, I'm messed up.



I "make" my coffee a specific way every morning. If it's not "made" this way, it tastes different:

1. pour my sweet and low single packet into the empty coffee mug
2. shake up the creamer which is usually hazelnut flavored liquid creamer.
(shaking it at least three times so that the cream pours out frothy/bubbly.)
3. Pour the liquid creamer into my clean BEN YIDDISH cup or any of my smooth mugs
(coffee doesn't taste right in anything that isn't a smooth mug or my Ben cup)
4. Lastly the coffee is added to the creation of bubbly sugared creamer
(giving it a rather frothy easy mixed taste that aids in the first sip of the morning get going kids need their breakfasts routine)

If it's not "made" that way, the coffee doesn't taste right.

Welcome To crustybeef~
I know, seems weird!
Remind me to tell you about my habit with eating dried noodles.
Yes, I know.


abbagirl74 said...

That is exactly how I make my coffee, well, except for the mug. Weird! I use the hazelnut creamer and shake it up also. I also use the sweet-n-low. Crazy! My mug is plain royal blue with a chip in it. I love it.


But yet you probably love the taste the coffee gives with the chipped cup, right?
Strange how our human habits run our lives.
Thanks for stopping over and saying hi!

muse said...

When I'm home I have my routines, but now I'm a gypsy.

Cheryl said...

I use 2 splendas in my tall Starbucks mug with fat free vanilla creamer. Great post idea, btw.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Crusty,

Thank you for visiting me! I have seen you around on many of my favorite blogs as well. I love coffee as well, with good 'ole traditional cream and sugar in a stoneware mug.

It's funny to read someone else's personal habits. I always pet the cat and kiss the husband before bed Unless I'm really tired, then I kiss the cat and pet the husband. :>

Take Care!


And wow, three kids and they be boys to boot. What a zoo!

captain corky said...

I've been instituioanlized a couple of times for my "habits".

Enjoy the rest of your weekend Crusty!


there are many days I long to just walk away and become a gypsy-...alone.

by this time you're having your am coffee in your tall starbucks mug-isn't coffee just grand? Or should I say, Venti! :)

Seriously, keep posting as often as you can. I know you have much going on, but you have a wonderful way with words! Along with groove, 4thave, ladeda,WHEEL,Life with Ed, Muse,captn corky, Baleboosteh, Bagel..etc...
but thanks for taking the time to stop by and say hi!

Cpt corky-I'm finally able to have a level of enjoyment being that my boys actually slept in this am-somethings in the air, I swear!


Portia said...

ah the comfort of routines:) the evenings are so short i rarely venture away from our home-dinner-bed routine, but when i do it's exhausting! i MUST have an hour (or more please!) of down time AT HOME before going to bed.

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