Thursday, August 16, 2007

BenHamean 103.1

I intended to have a posting this morning.
I intended to have a rather funny posting a "gasma," so to speak.

But, it will have to wait until later tonight.

My little Benjamin is fighting a typical little boy cold/virus/ear infection..

He's running temperatures ranging from 102.8 up to 103.2 depending on the length of time between Tylenol and Motrin. For those of you that have experienced the graces of children, this little guy when he's sick, enjoys waking up in the middle of the night, and not able to settle himself down, when running a fever. The last time we went through this "S.M.N.C"* thing, he slept soundly tucked in the nook of my arms all night long.

I intend to post the "GASMA" later on today or tonight as I mentioned above, but for right now I have to tend to my little guy. He'll be fine, probably either teething (he has 10 teeth presently) or the standard little boy ear infection.

So, to all of my favorite readers, I'll be back later with a more whimsical post called, "GASMA."

Welcome To Crustybeef~

Tired, with a bit of a sore throat, I'll be around later on, once I get my HAMEAN feeling well.
*SICK in the MIDDLE of the NIGHT with a CHILD*


Portia said...

:( sorry the little guy is not well. we have had a rough week at our house with colds and sleepless nights too...i hope you ALL get some good rest!
the picture is beautiful, and it shows how much he looks like you!! thank goodness when they can't sleep anywhere else, they can still find peace in your arms:)

i had an idea for a writing group...i would explain but i already put the whole thing in a comment to you in the comments on my blog, so check it out when it's convenient:)

SOUL: said...

awww what a swwweeeeetttt picture.
i hope he feels better soon. especially the fever. those can get scary sometimes.

derna said...

poor benny - tell him aunt derna hopes he feels better soon. i love the picture...i miss joe sleeping in my arms. :(

KYRIE said...

Poor little fellow. I hope the kid gets well soon. The temperature is rather high.
The picture is so adorable!
"Gasma"? Wht in the world does tht mean?


thanks for the sweet words, and I'll be heading over to your comments when I'm done "here."

High fevers are scary, luckily I've been through this 2 other times to know that as long as they have a wet diaper, and the fever drops 20mins after the otc stuff, we're good to go..still, you feel helpless that for such a young chap there's nothing that you can do but "be there."

DERNA!!: Good thing you didn't come over the other, The other two will get it, when Bigdogg leaves for out of town this weekend..GRREEEAAATT!! No carni for me and the boys at the "jewish holiday town." :L)

Kyrie: it is high, but generally when they have an ear infection they run high fevers. I'm more calm with #3, but when my first had that type of fever I was a frantic nut case..


austere said...

I hope he's better now? That is a bit high for a temp, no? But as you said... an antibiotic? What did the ped say?

The pic is beautiful.


the rule of thumb is consistant fever for three days, call ped..I worry sometimes about those antibiotic's especially with recurring ear infections because ultimately it'll create a resistance, so I have an over the counter homeopathic way..
he's a bit better, cranky which is a good thing.

SOUL: said...

hi.. i hope you and the baby are better today
thanks for comin by my place today.. and "hags" too. :))


Hey soul!
Ben's better, Sulli's now ill.
I'm heading outside right now for my smoke break-wanna join me?